Do You Want Your Cat to Star in Minecraft? Here Is How to Make That Possible

We can soon expect crossbows, pandas, and floating theme parks to appear in Minecraft. In the official blog post, the developers also mention more cats and it seems that they are very serious about adding cuteness to the game. In fact, they are so serious that they started a “Cat Contest.” Thanks to this, your actual cat may get the opportunity to star in Minecraft. Okay, not the actual cat, but its rendered digital version.

Mojang will allow Minecraft fans from around the world to submit photos of their felines to the studio for a contest that will officially last until November 12, 2018. After that, they will choose the pets that Jasper Boestra, a phenomenal pixel artist, will implement into the game.

If you want to participate in this contest, you should take a photograph or even a video of your furry friend and post it to social media. The acceptable media are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you shouldn’t forget to insert #Minecraftcatcontest with the post. The developers will carefully gather all applications sent until November 12.

Afterward, the studio’s community team and experts on the topic of cat media judging will gather and utilize the technique called “looking at the pics with their eyes” to narrow down the suggestions and pick three finalists. The fans will also get the chance to participate as the final voting will occur on social media. The official voting period is from November 16 to November 19, when the winner will be announced. Mojang is planning a big Minecraft update called the Village and Pillage in 2019 and that is when the winner will get to see their cat featured as a part of the in-game world.

When it comes to how they will decide the three finalists that will participate in the voting, the studio revealed that they will consider three factors:

  • Does your cat have that your unique appearance?
  • Can the rendering into Minecraft content be successfully done?
  • Would other players consider your cat appealing?

Each of these factors is equally important, so give your best to make a suitable photo of your feline and post it on social media until November 12.

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