Free DLC Content for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Coming Soon

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Expansion Pass

You remember us mentioning that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will receive four expansions during the season? If that news delighted you, let us catch you by surprise and announce even more content!

You’ve read that right; Warner Bros. has revealed free DLC updates that we can expect during the next month. Fresh content will include changes that tweak the gameplay, as well as completely new modes. The party starts in a couple of days, on November 21, when everyone who purchased the game will have the chance to access the Endless Siege mode. Sauron’s army is attacking the fortresses you conquered, and your goal is to defend them and prevent the Dark Lord from ruling Mordor once again. Many fans were asking for this feature, and it seems that the developers have listened to the feedback and implemented it in the game.

Next up is Rebellion, where your task will be to suffocate the bounty occurring among your army. Uruks and Ologs are rebelling, and that cannot go unpunished. November 21st will be a big day for Middle-earth fans because that is the day when the first expansion, The Slaughter Tribe Nemesis. On that day, the authors will also implement an improved photo mode, which will add new frames, filters, and textures, to enhance capturing every siege and battle you play. That will certainly make bragging to your friends and the community more fun.

What Can We Expect in December?

The party will continue on December 5, which is when we will get to play the Online Fight Pits. In this new addition, you will fight against the Orc follower of another gamer until the last one remains standing. According to the rumors, the mode will feature fantastic prizes and options for upgrading.

Seven days later, on December 12, all those who got tired of how easy Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is for you will get a fresh challenge. The brutal difficulty will make you get your head into it to think how to overcome all the rivals without having the right to a single mistake. Just like other DLC content, this one will be free, too. The only thing you need to do is to purchase the base edition of the game.

If you want to pre-order the announced expansions, we suggest you take advantage of the Expansion Pass deal for the entire season, which costs only $40. If you are buying only one of the add-ons, you can purchase them at $15 each.

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