Middle-Earth Shadow of War Expansion Pass Brings Us Four Add-Ons

Middle-Earth Shadow Of War Expansion Pass

If you are starting to get bored with the original Middle-earth: Shadow of War game, even after the most recent update, Warner Bros has just published the schedule of DLC’s planned for the season. The good news is that we will get to play four expansions until May 2018!

Slaughter Tribe Nemesis

The first DLC will appear in November 2017 under the name Slaughter Tribe Nemesis. It will provide an insight into the Orc Slaughter tribe and their invasion of Mordor. The Expansion will feature new missions, as well as additional Legendary and Epic orcs and gear to collect. We fully expect to see the Nemesis System Interactions at their best.

Outlaw Tribe Nemesis

The second expansion will follow in December and will feature the Outlaw tribe that rises and rebels within the borders of Mordor. The Outlaw Tribe Nemesis will also allow you to collect new orcs and gear. However, the most significant change of the dynamics should be the tribe’s outlaw trait which will make it more difficult to get any of their members to your side.

Blade of Galadriel

Blade of Galadriel is more like an add-on than a classic DLC. You will assume the role of the assassin Eltariel who has the task of killing the leaders of Nazgul. Aside from new skills and gear, we are excited to see Eltariel’s dual-blades and other unique abilities in action. The add-on will hit the digital shelves in February 2018 and will also feature new orcs.

Desolation of Mordor

The final add-on will focus on Baranor and his in-game story. The Captain of Minas Ithil has the assignment to take on the orcs with a modest army. However, on his way to fighting the orcs, Baranor can recruit mercenaries and unite with other races. There are rumors that the Desolation of Mordor will feature a campaign mode in which the death is permanent. The release of the expansion is scheduled for May 2018.

Middle-earth Shadow of War Expansion Pass

We assume that you will be able to purchase one DLC at a time once they are released, but you can get the best price by buying the Expansion Pass. If you opt for the purchase, you will get all four add-ons for only $40.

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