Pirates Cracked Middle-earth: Shadow of War in Less Than 24 Hours

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Cracked

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the latest high-profile release that was the victim of game crackers. Although Monolith may have done a bunch of things right in the development of the game, they made the wrong choice when it comes to anti-tampering software. They chose Denuvo, a developer from Austria that has suffered several blows to its reputation recently, with the latest hit being the fact that Middle-earth: Shadow of War was cracked in less than a day.

Why Are Games from Denuvo Easy to Crack?

When it first appeared a couple of years ago, Denuvo’s anti-tamper software was tough to crack. It took more than a month to figure out the first game, but the pirates got a hold of how things work, and Denuvo’s tool doesn’t present an obstacle anymore. The time between the release of games and a working crack appearing has decreased considerably since then.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War isn’t the only game cracked in less than a day as Total War: Warhammer 2 and many other hit releases experienced the same. Denuvo doesn’t seem to have a way to at least delay piracy and investing into their software is becoming a total loss of money. On top of that, players are affected by the anti-piracy tool because of the restrictions it imposes, such as not enabling activations on different computers.

How It Everything Went Downhill

When it first appeared, it seemed that Denuvo could turn the tide in the battle with game crackers. They were so convinced that they figured out the right formula that they bragged that many developers were considering publishing their console titles on PC just because of the success of their anti-piracy software. One can only assume, but a discussion on Reddit has revealed some details about how their tools work.

Either way, it doesn’t seem that the software made by the Austrian team is stopping the pirates now. If there is any good news at the moment for Monolith and other publishers, it’s that there is no evidence that piracy affects the game sales and even the report of the EU Commision confirmed that. Regardless, if the developers still want to protect their games with DRM software, they should consider using other options instead of Denuvo.

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