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Microsoft Set to Extend Exclusivity Deal for PUBG on Xbox One

Microsoft is currently negotiating with Bluehole, the developer of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, to prolong their exclusivity deal for the console edition of the game on Xbox One.

PUBG is one of the most successful games released this year, and it quickly became a favorite among thousands of players around the world. Considering that it is already on a massive scale regarding the number of people playing it, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft is trying to retain the exclusive. According to Gamespot’s sources, Sony recently contacted Bluehole to try to bring Battlegrounds to PlayStation 4, so Microsoft’s move might be extorted by the action made by its competition.

Greene: Xbox One Release by the End of the Year

The news that Microsoft will have console exclusive for the game for Xbox One was announced at Gamescom. Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown himself), addressed the people via Microsoft’s live stream to reveal that this game will hit Xbox One later during 2017. However, they failed to offer us a precise release date, so we will need to take consolation in the fact that we will get to play it by the end of the year.

The two companies also signed a partnership deal, which should speed things up. Microsoft offered its expertise on the console for developing the game, and that should enable Bluehole to finish the game sooner. Despite that, it was confirmed that we would first see the unfinished version of PUBG on Xbox One and the full version is only set to release in 2018.

The Full Version to Arrive During 2018

That means Microsoft will offer Battlegrounds as a part of the Game Preview program on their console. Players will get to play a portion of the game by the end of 2017 but will have to be patient until next year for the full release. It’s the same concept for the PC version of the game on Steam, where it was first published in an early access phase.

The developers are, however, satisfied with their partnership with Microsoft.

“It’s certain that it will speed up the development of the console version while making sure that high-quality is kept across all platforms. Aside from that, we want to enable PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to a broader audience, and Microsoft’s sales, publishing, and marketing resources will provide just that. We are looking forward to attracting new players to the game’s universe,” said Chang Han Kim, the vice president of Bluehole.

What About PlayStation 4 Release?

As for the PS4 version, the studio refused to share any news about it.

“There is nothing to announce at this point when it comes to our plans for other platforms. At this moment, we are completely focused on two things – continuing the development of PUBG on PC and bringing it to Xbox One.”

It’s hard to believe that Bluehole will miss the opportunity to bring the game to PlayStation, too, especially considering the popularity of PS4. However, Microsoft is putting in maximum efforts to keep their exclusivity deal and extend it for as long as possible. There were games in the past that followed this path, such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, which was published for Xbox in 2015, while PlayStation owners had to wait for a year for their version.

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