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Metro Exodus’ Transfer to Epic Store Gets Messy – Don’t Blame the Developers!

The gaming community has recently been focused on the news surrounding the transfer of Metro Exodus from Steam to Epic Store in an exclusive deal. Things have got quite messy, and the game publisher had to react. They issued a statement in which they asked the angry players not to be upset with the studio that developed the game.

But let’s get things chronologically sorted out first. A part of the community hasn’t reacted well to the news about the transfer. Even Valve revealed that they considered the move “unfair to Steam users.” That inspired one of the members of the 4A Games studio, which developed Metro Exodus, to offer his opinion on the issue.

“The reaction seems hardly adequate. The development studios are going through tough times, financially and otherwise, to deliver a special experience for the players. On the other hand, they believe our effort is not even worth installing a new launcher. Although that only takes a couple of minutes, it is still their right. But that indicates that they are not interested in Metro or our games. If the time comes for the next sequel of Metro, PC players won’t get the chance to play it if they boycott this instalment,” said an anonymous staff member.

A Huge Backlash from the Community

The community did take things a bit too far. Many users even left negative reviews on other Metro games that are still available on Steam. If you visit the Metro 2033 Redux page, for example, you will find that overall reviews are very positive, but the recent ones are mostly negative.

All these events forced Deep Silver, the company who published the game to react by releasing a statement.

“The decision (about the transfer) was made by Deep Silver / Koch Media (the latter is the game’s distributor). We emphasize that the comments of the developer from 4A Games do not reflect our or the developers’ view regarding the series’ future. Instead, they express disappointment and hurt of a hard-working individual who witnessed a controversial business decision he hasn’t made lead to negative comments regarding his work,” says the statement and adds that the feedback (criticism) should be aimed at the publisher and not 4A Games.

Deep Silver also emphasized that they firmly believe the franchise will continue and PC players will remain the core of the players’ base.

THQ Clarified Things

An interesting statement came from THQ Nordic, the Deep Silver’s parent company. They issued a statement in which they explain “Koch Media is a THQ Nordic (Vienna) sister company who owns Metro as IP.” That implies it was them who made the decision about the transfer and THQ only wants to distance themselves.

However, THQ Nordic AB co-founder Lars Wingefors emphasized that he completely supports the decision. According to him, the company supports the autonomy of sub-groups in their business and believes that Koch Media and Deep Silver made the best possible decision for everyone, including the company and the players.

A lot of confusion regarding the Metro Exodus news, but one thing is certain – it seems that the war between Steam and Epic is only beginning. Who will be their next casualty?

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