Metal Gear Survive Trailer, Gameplay and Release Date

Metal Gear Survive

There is a lot of weight on Konami’s shoulders regarding the upcoming Metal Gear Survive game. Not only it needs to be worthy of the famous franchise, but it’s the first sequel that excluded Hideo Kojima from the development. For those who might not know, Kojima is the creator of the series, but he left Konami a couple of years ago in what you could call a bad breakup. Now that we are only months away from the release of the MGS, the developers enabled us to play a small demo, so take a look at our hands-on impressions.

The Metal Gear Survive Trailer has Plenty of Action

We couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true. Metal Gear Survive is a stand-alone game, and it will include a single-player campaign. However, we need to talk about the massive change coming in the form of co-op mode full of Wanderers (which are nothing but zombies). After all, that is the thing Konami focused on and what we got to try in the demo.

The new game will offer four-player survival mode where your task is to protect your base while killing zombie creatures coming your way. It’s not that previous installments didn’t include multiplayer modes or supernatural monsters, but Survive takes it to an entirely new level. Unfortunately, the overall impression is that there is still work to be done to achieve the stiff competition in other multiplayer shooters such as Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Multiplayer Metal Gear with Zombies

Our team of four players had the chance to play the demo where we had to protect a generator deep within the Wanderers’ territory. The demo offered only four characters from the classes of shooters and melee fighters. Konami revealed that the players would get to create their heroes in the full version. They will also be able to choose their specialties and gear.

First of all, Metal Gear Survive offers only PvE experience, which means that you won’t fight against other gamers. The base question we had in our mind while we selected our characters was how the control would fit with this change in the franchise style. After all, MGS has been a stealth franchise designed for patient players, and now we should be in for a whole lot of action. Unfortunately, it seems that there isn’t any change in the fluidity of controls at this point. They are as stiff as they have always been, which might have been appropriate when we were sneaking around, but it falls a bit short now.

Let the Match Begin!

Once the match started, out first objective was to infiltrate into the territory controlled by the enemy. In our mission, we had to place a generator deep within the zombie outpost. The game uses the same FOX engine as The Phantom Pain. This means that the part that included sneaking around was close to perfection. Of course, we had to neglect the fact that the game asks us to sneak past zombies, whose intelligence probably can’t measure with the soldiers that were our enemies in the previous installment.

Metal Gear Survive System Requirments

In fact, scratch that “probably” from the last sentence. Once we installed the generator, the game showed us paths that the Wanderers will use to attack us. That effectively threw the element of strategy throughout the window. You do have traps and barriers, such as barbed wire or fences, that you can set up to improve the chances of defending.

Where Did Those Zombies Get That Armor?

The enemies will be coming in waves. As expected, the first couple of waves were easy to tackle, but then things started to get a bit edgy. We got to face Bombers, zombies that explode after you kill them, as well as those equipping an armor, which begs the question where did they find that SWAT gear. Aside from the opponents, not many things are intriguing about the game. In fact, it tends to get a bit repetitive.

Metal Gear Survive Gameplay

When you are not shooting, you can explore the map to find useful resources, such as iron or rubber. You’ll then take them to the area designed for crafting to make the items you need and obtain additional equipment. As you progress through the game, you will also unlock new ways of making better gear.

Exploring the Map

Some of us left to watch the base just in case zombies decide to swarm it. The other used the time between the attacking waves to explore the map. We got to play a side quest, where our task was to infiltrate a location full of monsters to obtain cool gear. Although this is an excellent addition that breaks the repetitive combat pattern, side quests don’t offer much variety at the moment. We can only hope that Konami will try to add more content and exciting things to do on the map.

Metal Gear Survive Trailer

However, there’s one element that saves the entire Metal Gear Survive experience while adding complexity to the game. Three gauges reflect your health – hunger, thirst, and stamina. For example, the latter one will drain quickly if you only use heavy attacks. Konami admitted that there is still work to be done on how all these elements influence the gaming experience, but contributing to how tricky it is to survive is a good start.

The Single Player Campaign

We didn’t get the chance to play the single-player mode, but Konami promises that a compelling narrative will be a part of the full version’s campaign. So far, they only revealed that the game is set in an alternate universe full of Wanderers (you don’t say?). The premise of the story is that a wormhole appeared after the Mother Base was destroyed. That wormhole is what took the survivors to an alternate reality. They now have to find their way back before getting eaten or turned into a zombie.

Konami announced that Metal Gear Survive would be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in February 2018. Those of you who pre-order the game will also get a survival pack bonus. You can find the details about this here.

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