Mass Effect: Andromeda Available for Free to Members of Origin and EA Access

Mass Effect Andromeda

Electronic Arts have added another major game to the collection available to the Origin Access and EA Access subscribers. If you are a member, you can now play Mass Effect: Andromeda free of charge. Along with the latest sequel in the franchise, the previous installments of the series are also available in the Vault. That means that Xbox players have the perfect opportunity to play through all Mass Effect games.

The Perfect Way to test Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda hasn’t received favorable critics once it was first released earlier this year. Although the EA officials offered their support, the bad ratings of the game affected the studio of developers. BioWare Montreal was merged with Motive Studios. The official explanation was that they need help with the development of Star Wars Battlefront II, but the fact that two other BioWare studios in Canada are functioning as usual raised some suspicion.

Either way, the fact that Andromeda is now available for free is the best way to see the quality of the game. If you are a fan of the series or you were on the verge of purchasing it, perhaps this is what you need to make the call. After all, the game did improve after the release thanks to several updates.

Other Games Available on Origin and EA Access

Electronic Arts have other surprises for their subscribers, too. If you have a subscription to EA or Origin Access, you will be able to play trial versions of Need for Speed: Payback and previously mentioned SW BF II. Those titles should appear in the Vault during the first two weeks of November.

Origin Access

Origin Access Games Vault

However, when it comes to Battlefront II things are a bit different. The company confirmed that you wouldn’t be able to play it before the day of the release. That leaves us baffled as to what content the subscribers will be able to try. As for the NFS: Payback, all members will have 10 hours of play available.

It’s also worth noting that Xbox One gamers will get the opportunity for a trial run at The Sims 4. On top of that, the Dead Space franchise has been made available in the vault along with the third and latest installment of the series.

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