MARVEL Future Fight Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

Are you hooked on the hit action RPG smartphone game Marvel Future Fight? If you are, we are sure that the paywall that exists within the game annoys you. If that is the case, take a look at the cheats that bring unlimited gold and crystals, as well as some sleek mods that adjust the gameplay. But if you are only starting, make sure to read the essential tips from expert players listed at the end of the article!

Marvel Future Fight APK Mod

You know how the fan base provides some of the most amazing mods for PC games? The same works for smartphone releases, except for the fact that the developers usually don’t approve those things. Therefore, they aren’t considered legal, but a form of cheating. If you think about it, that’s logical because the mods give you an advantage over the other players. However, if the only thing you care is to maximize the fun and achieve success, take a look at two options for Marvel Future Fight APK mods we are offering.

The first one is provided by ModAPKDown, and you can find it on this page. Although there are multiple versions to choose, the admin team of the website still hasn’t modified the latest 3.5.0 update. However, you can play the next best thing, and that is the 3.4.0 version of the game that appeared in September 2017. On the plus side, you will get unlimited gold and crystals, which sounds like a good deal. It means that you won’t have to be patient anymore to progress within the game, but you can invest the virtual currency to achieve later stages.

There is another Marvel Future Fight APK Mod Hack brought to us by APKXMod. The admin team decided to alter some things and provide gameplay changes. These adjustments are real game changers as they include stronger attacking and defensive skills of your characters, but exclude skill cool-down at the same time. If you are tired of the default version of the game, why not try downloading the APK with these changes to make things more exciting?

Please note that installing these mods is only available to Android users. As for the iPhone users, continue reading if you want to add unlimited resources to your in-game account.

Marvel Future Fight Online Cheat Tool

Let’s take a look at the two sides of this coin. On one side, you have playing the game regularly, which requires a lot of patience to build up your roster and level up your superheroes. On the other hand, you have an online cheat tool that provides unlimited resources to enjoy the game non-stop. The latter apparently puts you in a superior gaming position. Although it usually requires spending some money, you get a lot of benefits for free.

You might think that is not fair to the other players and the developers. If you are in a dilemma, you should know that thousands of players already use Marvel Future Fight online hack tool. As for the developers, there is nothing to worry about because they previously earned millions from this game.  Another concern that you might have is safety and the risk of getting banned. However, the experts from GameRoids that created the cheat generator added all the required security layers and anti-ban features.

Now that we’ve cleared up the air around the online hack tool, why not try using it here? The process is straightforward, and after entering your username or e-mail address, you just need to put in the desired resources. You can add up to 999,999 gold and as many crystals each day. The reason why this limit exists is to keep you safe from the administrators noticing you and suspending your account. The cheat generator works for both Android and iOS versions of the game. You can also use your PC to access to the hack tool and generate the resources.

5 Crucial Tips for Marvel Future Fight

Let’s take a look at some essential tips you should know if you are only starting to play this incredible action RPG release:

Mix and Match Your Roster

New heroes (or villains) added to your team also bring a specific bonus to your attacking and defensive stats. However, some combinations provide better boosts than the others. That is why it is crucial to experiment so that you can find the best possible combo for your team.

Make Sure to Try Both Control Systems

You probably know that there are two different systems of controlling the superheroes on screen. If you choose the control pad, you need to use both thumbs to attack enemies and move your character around. On the other hand, the One-Touch system uses tapping for movement and offense. You might think that the latter is a more straightforward option, but make sure to try both of them for at least a couple of missions to see which fits better to your style.

Scout the Boss before the Fight

There are four character classes in Marvel Future Fight. No particular type brings enormous advantage, but each of them is stronger than the other. In fact, there are three conditions that you should keep in mind:

  • Blast (blue) best performs against Combat class (red)
  • Combat class best performs against Speed (green)
  • Speed best performs against Blast class

Just like your heroes, the boss and minions you will oppose during the battle also fall into a particular category. That is why you should scout them before you start a mission and make sure to put out the most potent lineup. For example, if you are fighting against the Boss that has a Blue hand icon, it’s best to use your characters from the Speed type.

Here Is Why You Should Enhance Your Gear First

It’s because you need to improve your roster before you can take on the Elite missions. The best way to enhance your fighters is by repeating regular stages. You might consider this grinding, but it’s the best way to upgrade your gear and get your characters fit for tougher challenges.

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