Man of Medan New Trailer

Man of Medan – the First Part of the Dark Pictures Anthology – Just Got a New Trailer

Supermassive has recently announced that they are making an anthology of horror games called the Dark Pictures. These games will be part of a series, but they will actually be standalone releases. The first in line is Man od Medan, which should be developed for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The official release is scheduled for 2019, although we do not have an exact date yet.

However, we do have an entirely new game trailer for you and you can check out below.

According to the official website, Man of Medan will be a cinematic delight. The South Pacific has been chosen for the settings of the game. A crew of four Americans has taken a dive boat in an effort to find a wreck from the World War II.

The trip was imagined to be a journey to remember in terms of partying and having a good time, but everything is about to turn into a nightmare. Soon enough, our group will find themselves on a ghost ship. Their goal is to locate their way out, but that will not be an easy task and it will involve a lot of scares in the process.

Perhaps this may remind you a bit of Until Dawn, the exclusive PS4 release designed by the same team. The narration will have plenty to do with the overall experience and overall, it seems that the Man of Medan could be a fine addition to the genre and an excellent way to start the series.

It will take approximately six hours to complete the game and that will be an estimate for all the storylines in the Dark Pictures series. The outcomes will depend on the choices you make, which means that characters may die if you make a wrong call.

Pip Torrens is the actor who is the narrator in the trailer. He is pretty famous on Netflix as he appeared in The Crown and Preacher. If you watched Quantum Break, you might also recognize Shawn Ashmore. Supermassive has huge expectations from this anthology and they are hoping that they can make the horror fans happy.

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