Maia Finally Released After Spending Five Years in Early Access


We believe that not many of you heard of the game called Maia. And even if you did, the chances are that you have long forgotten about it. This release has spent no less than five years in the Early Access phase.

It is interesting to mention that the game raised over $150,000 on Kickstarter for the purpose of development. Maia entered the Early Access at the end of 2013. It was finally released on Friday, November 23rd, and now full version is available for players around the world.

The timeline for the game is in the near future and the theme is building a colony on a hostile planet. Your task is to secure that your colony remains safe and survive all dangers and challenges. In the beginning, you won’t have virtually anything from the resources and it will be tricky to find a shelter from the hazards lurking the environment.

Simon Roth, the developer who participated in the creation of the game, revealed that you can expect a complete campaign with a storyline and voiceover.

“For the last five years, the development has been very intense with numerous ups and downs. The promises were that the game will look alike Molyneux’s. We believe that the end result is a mixture of sci-fi with dark and harsh humour. The core, however, remains faithful to the simulation genre,” said Roth.

The in-game world in Maia is procedurally generated. The planet is not so far from the Earth – around twelve light years. The toxic atmosphere, super storms, solar flares, blasts of meteors, and disastrous earthquakes, can all be expected.

The primary goal in the game is to build a base that will be constructed in accordance with the needs of your colony. A place to sleep, an adequate amount of water, food, and energy are all necessary. Aside from the campaign, Maia will feature multiple sandbox modes.

What is particularly interesting is that the game has a first-person view. It means that you can take control of robots and other things controlled by the AI so that you can experience the world better.

According to the developers, we should expect updates that will fix bugs, as well as expansions and free content. You can purchase Maia on Steam.

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