A Mystery Bundle of Five Indie Games Offered by Loot Crate for $10

Loot Crate Mystery Bundle

It seems that it has become a trend for services to offer a mystery bundle of games at a discount price. After Humble Bundle, PS Plus, and some other services, Loot Crate decided to join the race and offer their own set of mystery games at $10 per month.

This subscription is called Loot Play and it has become available this month. At this moment, you will be eligible for a total of five PC games from indie developers. Each month, Loot Crate will publicly disclose just one game from the bundle while the other four will be a mystery until you complete a purchase.

Chrono.gg is the official partner of Loot Crate on this subscription project. They jointly decided that the featured title this month will be Crossing Souls. This is a retro game that may inspire nostalgia in all those that remember the 80’s. You could say that the title reminds of Zelda and presents a total of five heroes that will all participate in the game with their unique skills and abilities. Aside from solving puzzles that are mostly environmental, you will also get the chance to battle enemies.

This and four other games will become available on November 17 when the subscription will officially start. When it comes to subscribing, the payment will vary from $10 to $12 and that depends on the length of the subscription that you pick. There are four different alternatives with the shortest being one and the longest being 12 months.

At this moment, $15 is the price for Crossing Souls on Steam, which means that the monthly subscription will truly offer discounted rates on games. Let’s also mention that you will need to have a valid Steam account since the titles are delivered in the form of Steam codes that you can use to download the game from this platform.

Although the bundle is restricted to independent developers, there is no doubt that some cool games will be available and, considering that $10 is not a lot of money, you may consider subscribing to Loot Play. The question is whether there is enough room for another subscription and game bundle in your life.

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