Lonely Adventure

Lonely Adventure Is a Sci-Fi Adventure Taking You into Deep Space

Ingraw Games is a little-known indie studio from Poland, but they have just made an intriguing announcement. Their upcoming game Lonely Adventure has an official release date set for Q3 2019. For those of you who do not know (so, everyone), Lonely Adventure will take you on a journey of exploring the deep space from the first-person perspective.

The development studio sent a press release to gaming websites in which they emphasize the game will only be available on PC. In the game, you are going on an unusual field trip to the very edge of the Solar System. It is not for fun, however, as humanity may be in danger and you are the only one who can give the answer to that question.

As you may expect, you will play as an experienced pilot. However, the vessel you will be navigating is still an unperfected prototype. You cannot wait because there are “Anomalies” happening all over our galaxy. You must travel from one location to another to find out what is going on out there.

Lonely Adventure can be divided into three sections. First, you will have to explore the space, but that only scratches the surface of the game. You will also get the chance to solve puzzles, as well as find aliens.

Keep in mind that your vessel needs fuel, which is why resource management will be optimal during your journey. The pilot also needs to sleep, but he may wake up suddenly when he realizes there has been damage to the ship that caused a mechanical failure.

Overall, Lonely Adventure seems like a promising mix of a sci-fi story and adventure with some elements of action and micromanagement.

Can I Try a Lonely Adventure Demo?

You can check out the latest preview footage on the game’s official page on Itch.io. If you check out that page, you will notice that you can also download the preview version of the Lonely Adventure. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect a lot from the demo. The focus of the developers was to test the ship’s lasers and how they work. In case you have any feedback or suggestions for the developers, feel free to contact them.

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