Lineage 2 Revolution Review – A MMORPG That Is Worth Your While

Lineage 2 Revolution Review – A MMORPG That Is Worth Your While

The Lineage franchise arrived on the mobile market last year to the delight of many fans of this MMORPG series. Lineage 2: Revolution is available for free download for both iOS and Android. Netmarble, the developer of the game, acquired a license from NCSoft, so the release largely reminds of the PC version. It is more a spin-off than an actual sequel, but we got another opportunity to play with some familiar classes in the same open world.

Tutorial Makes Things Easier

After seeing the opening video that looks brilliant and attracts you to the story, you will go through a tutorial to get ahold of controls and gameplay mechanics. The guide will teach you how to do basic stuff, such as ad new stuff to the inventory or customize your weapon.

Lineage 2 Revolution Tutorial

Lineage 2 Revolution – Tutorial fight – Copyright Credits @

The control system won’t be an issue if you ever played a mobile game in the genre. There is a floatable joystick on the left part of the display you use for movement. Action keys are places on the opposite (right) side of the screen. If you don’t feel like engaging in battle, you have the option of selecting auto-play. In that case, you hero will automatically fight, but I don’t see the beauty in this., so I suggest avoiding it.

Choose from Multiple Characters

Lineage 2 Revolution has one crucial difference compared to the PC edition; it allows you to play with various heroes. Not at the same time, of course, but you don’t have to use the same character for the entire course of the game. Instead, you can use any of the four heroes that are playable and change between them whenever you feel like it.

Lineage 2 Revolution Characters

Lineage 2 Revolution – Character Creation – Copyright Credits @

There are four classes in the game – Humans and Dark Elves are dominantly male, while, Elves and Dwarves are mostly female. Each of the characters is unique and possesses certain attacking moves and skills. You can modify a bunch of things, including their gestures and hairstyles. Even more vital, you can change their attacking moves, weapons, and armor. There is a broad range of things you can customize which contributes to the fun in this MMORPG.

You Won’t Get Everything on Your Plate

Don’t expect to get all the available upgrades immediately. You will have to earn them by progressing in the game and completing tasks. Whenever you make an achievement and successfully finish the objective Lineage placed in front of you, you will get rewards regarding resources and experience points. As you collect EXP, you will learn new skills and attacking moves, while you use resources to upgrade stuff like armor. And as in every mobile game, the ones who spend money have an advantage.

The tasks put in front of you are nothing else than quests related to the story. The missions will vary from killing some monsters to fetching a particular item. Enemy types mostly vary, which adds to the dynamics of the gameplay. You will fight against everyone, starting from wild animals such as wolves and bears up to dangerous dragons that breathe fire.

Do You Dare to Enter the Dungeon?

Multiplayer takes up a significant portion of the game in Lineage 2 Revolution. The multiplayer mode is played in real-time, and it comes as a relief that the servers are stable and everything seems to work correctly. To activate this aspect of the game, you need to enter one of the dungeons where monsters await. Dungeons are areas of the map where you can fight them along with other players connected at the same time.

Fortunately, there is no auto-play feature available in the dungeon. That means you can’t rely on the AI to do the job for you, but you have to work on your skills. The good news is that you can reap generous rewards in the dungeons. However, the bad news is that leveling up character could be improved as it seems to be at a plodding pace at this point. It takes a lot of upgrading to see a considerable effect while playing.

There’s More Multiplayer to It

It’s only natural that multiplayer gaming is the strongest suit of a game that is a MMORPG. The best addition to this aspect is that you can see other players on the map and interact with them. Aside from that, there is also a chat available to the global community. There you can exchange opinions and tips with other players on the server. At the later phase of the game, you will also unlock clans and join them for some exciting PvP battles.

Lineage 2 Revolution Looks Incredible

Netmarble used Unreal Engine 4 to create the game, which secured that everything looks beautiful. Graphics will catch your attention from the opening scene. Animations and cut scenes are breathtaking and portray the in-game world with incredible detail. The game slowly reveals details about the plot. For example, one of the first things you will find out is that orcs are bad news.

Lineage 2 Revolution Graphics

Lineage 2 Revolution – Great Graphics – Copyright Credits @

The voiceover and dialogues are also at an advanced level. I assume that the company hired professional actors because they did a brilliant job. The sound also fits perfectly and contributes to the fantasy world created. Overall, the game excels in visual presentation, especially for a free release.

How Come I Didn’t Know About This Earlier?

That is the question you will ask yourself after a couple of minutes of playing this state of the art release. Lineage franchise has been around for some time, and it’s a shame that they haven’t delivered a mobile version earlier. However, even today when there are dozens of MMORPGs available, this title has its place under the Sun.

Beautiful cut scenes and visual presentation will impress you from the start. The option to switch between four playable characters and use their unique skills to your advantage will keep your interest. A bunch of quests and multiplayer options for playing the game will provide you days of fun. It’s hard to believe that the release of this quality is available for free, so hurry up and download it before it’s too late.

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