“Rules,” the Second Episode of Life Is Strange 2 Coming on January 24th

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 Rules

Life Is Strange 2 has received positive reviews from both critics and players who were all impatiently waiting for the second episode to appear. It seems that the wait will never end, but we will get the chance to play the new game as soon as January 24th. That is the official release date confirmed by Dontnod Entertainment. Furthermore, they made a new trailer available to get you even more excited for Episode 2. The additional great news is coming for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners as they will get the chance to play LIS2 the same day as PC players.

In the new episode, we will meet Daniel and Sean Diaz, brothers that survived a tragic accident that made them go on the run. As expected, this edition will build upon the events that occurred in the first episode of Life Is Strange 2. If you still haven’t played the initial September release, you may want to do so before even checking out the trailer, let alone playing the second episode.

The official name of the new episode will be “Rules.” According to speculation, it will directly be related to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which was released as a free standalone story to announce LIS2. There is no mention of whether the events will just be mentioned or you should also play the small game before moving on to Episode 2.

What About the Rest of the Episodes?

The users were curious and asked many questions regarding the release of the remaining episodes of Life Is Strange 2. However, Dontnod failed to offer release dates and even emphasized that they are dedicated to securing premium user experienced throughout the entire story. In other words, they said that we should expect the third episode to appear anytime soon. It took them four months for the second one and, if the speculations are true, the story will end in 2020.

The releases might be rare, but there is no doubt the developers are doing an amazing job with storytelling, graphics, and all other details related to the playing experience. That is what makes us believe that the story will only get better with each new sequel, which will leave us waiting for more, just like we used to from Dontnod.

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