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Leaker Posts Saints Row Reboot Gameplay Online


User "SRDominatrix" got his hands on footage shown behind closed doors at Gamescom and leaked it to YouTube. The content proved to be very interesting

During this year’s Gamescom, which took place between August 25th and August 27th, Deep Silver showed off the Saints Row reboot trailer. Shortly after the reveal, critique started pouring in, some of them pretty baseless and unfair. But one point of friction was the lack of actual gameplay. This is beyond normalized now, trailers come out and give us very vague ideas about the game.

This was somewhat addressed when a developer update titled “Welcome to Santo Ileso” got released. Where we finally got to see actual gameplay… well, some scraps of it really. It was more of an introduction to the game’s playground, the characters, and the antagonists. And during the latter, we got a glimpse of combat, with some melee enemies coming after the player. One of the gangs laid out a smokescreen, though only their laser sights were visible, and then the player character steps into a mine that locks him in place. No word on customization which always was a big part of the Saints Row experience. No word on weapon variety, which is also important for fans of this IP.

But then the leak came and turned everything around for the Saints Row Reboot.

The aforementioned user “SRDominatrix” released a version of the “Welcome to Santo Ileso” trailer. Which was shown to the media behind closed doors. And this is a much-extended version of this trailer. Featuring much more essential information about the game. And no doubt in my mind, details that would save Deep Silver a bunch of hate.

First up we have footage of riding vehicles around. There’s all the usual, attack helicopters, regular ol’ cars, and some sand buggy across the desert action. But then we have typical wacky Saints Row stuff, like dragging a trash container behind your car through a field of tents. Crushing cars under the huge tires of your monster truck. Or lifting a car off the ground and swinging it around, thanks to the huge magnet attached to your helicopter.

On the gameplay front, we have a LOAD of information, that should have been available to the public on day one. We have melee takedowns, confirmed customization, coop, and we got a glance at some mini-games. But the biggest new thing in the game seems to be city customization. Where you open up new business ventures after taking over parts of the city. This seems to influence what mini-games you will be able to partake in.

Who thought that not giving us ANY of the above in some sort of trailer is a good idea? Deep Silver should look into their marketing team because they seem to be actively sabotaging their product. This is all we know about the game for now, but stay tuned for more news about the Saints Row Reboot.