League of Legends Hextech Chests Drop Rates Revealed

Players are concerned when it comes to loot box rates. That applies to the Riot’s phenomenal MMO League of Legends and its Hextech chests. The developers wanted to keep things transparent, which was the reason why they published the drop rates. Since they are published on their official website, you can consider them 100% true. You can see the details for yourself here.

What Are Hextech Chests?

Those are loot boxes that contain various items that you can find in the League of Legends’ store. You can either buy them directly or earn them for free. The drop rates that were published on the official website are subject to change. In fact, Riot already pinpointed that there will capsules or chests specific for particular events. In that case, the information in the Hextech crafting Guide will be changed immediately, which means that the page will be regularly updated.

At this moment, the percentages are as following:

  • 25 % – Champion Shard
  • 50 % – Skin Shard
  • 10 % – Emote Permanent
  • 5% – 150 Bonus Orange Essence + Ward Skin Shard
  • 5% – 150 Bonus Orange Essence + Summoner Icon Shard

The list for Bonus Drops was also published, and they include 10% for Key + Bonus Chest combo and 3.6% for Gemstone.

However, things are not as simple since some extra rules should make things even more transparent. These include:

  • Mythic and authentic skins will drop as permanents that are automatically redeeming. You won’t need orange essence to upgrade them. However, you can swap them for orange extract if you have previously acquired the skin
  • If we don’t count skins that are exclusive to Hextech, all other skins have the same rates of dropping. That means you have the equal chances of getting a cheaper skin as an ultimate one
  • If you open three chests in a row, you will surely get at least one skin shard. That means that their percentage is actually around 57%
  • You might get gemstones as a bonus when you open a regular Hextech box. You also can’t open 50 chests without encountering at least one gemstone

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