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Is Roblox Dead? When is Roblox Coming Back Online? Was Roblox hacked?

Is Roblox Dead? When is Roblox Coming Back Online? Was Roblox hacked?

Roblox, a favorite of many young videogame enthusiasts, is currently experiencing server problems of unknown origin.

Is Roblox dead? Is Roblox gone? Will the servers ever be back?

No, Roblox is not dead… yet. There is a lot going on right now at Roblox HQ. But the game should be back online “soon.” But let us take a step back, and go through what happened with the ever-popular low-poly game. And how it all began on October 26th with a Chipotle promotion.

On October 26th, 2021 Roblox announced a partnership with the fast-food chain Chipotle. “There’s something for everyone this Halloween on Roblox! Celebrate with frightful experiences, dress up in your favorite costume from the Avatar Shop, and prepare for the @ChipotleTweets Boorito Maze opening on Oct 28,” read the announcement.

The meat of this cross-promotion was the fact, that you could earn a coupon for a real free burrito. Each day between 29th and 31st all you had to do is visit the Chipotles Roblox minigame. But this seems to have caused severe server overload. And they went down.

Roblox is not quite gone, but it is not back up yet!

So yeah, Roblox is definitely not dead. But something is amiss in this strange tale. I mean server problems are pretty much a daily occurrence in online games. And this is Roblox we are talking about. The game with 40 million daily active users. I think their servers can handle some more users than usual.

But then the question arises, what is happening with the game? It has been down for nearly 3 days now. This is millions of dollars of revenue lost for the company. And the developers surely want to fix this ASAP. Roblox assured players a couple of hours ago via a tweet that they identified the issue. But the same exact thing was tweeted yesterday. Roblox is definitely not dead. But a lot of things could be happening behind the curtains that we are not told about.

Some players are suspecting that a massive hacking incident took place. And developers of the game are trying to fix the hijacking of user accounts under the pretense of server maintenance. What is extraordinarily strange is that the exact reason behind turning the servers off was never listed by devs. They only used vague wording such as “outage”, “maintenance”, and “issues”. But I know one thing for certain, I have never seen game maintenance take 3 straight days.

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