Iron Marines

Ironhide Studio’s Iron Marines Is One Of The Best Mobile RTS Game

Unlike some other genres, you don’t see many RTS games in the mobile app stores. In fact, they are full of releases that might remind of RTS, but any serious gamer knows that it doesn’t deserve to be called that. Fortunately, Iron Marines, the latest release by the Ironhide Game Studio, nailed a real gem and secured us an incredibly fun and addictive real-time strategy game. I will even go so far and claim that this release is the closest that we can get to Starcraft on mobile.

Save the Humanity in Iron Marines

You can’t say that plot of the game is exactly deep, but it serves its purpose. There has been an alien invasion on a human mining colony. Everyone is panicking, and there seems to be no way out from the problem. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s calling the Iron Marines. Their army has a leader in the Hero Character, which will play the crucial role in saving the humanity.

Your Hero in Iron Marines can be upgraded in a bunch of different ways, and you can even trade him for other characters that have various special abilities you might consider useful. The settings do seem a bit dark in the beginning, but the graphics are phenomenal. Ironhide also uses their recognizable cartoonish artwork to keep everything from getting too dark.

Iron Marines Gameplay

Every Move Can Be Crucial

During the battle, you will control your Hero character, as well as the other units from your squad. The control system is straightforward when it comes to movement. You choose the unit (or character) you want to move and drag them to the desired destination. Once you release your finger, they will start moving towards that place. However, they will ignore any obstacles most of the times. That means that you need to be careful and methodical in moving them around. There is little space to improvise in the Iron Marines.

When they are not fighting, units and Heroes use the free time to regenerate. That is another thing that contributes to the strategic element of the game. As for the enemies, there is a wide variety of them, and they are all ready for trouble. You will know what you can expect from the type of the opponent once you face them for the first time. Fortunately, there is enough of them to maintain things challenging and interesting.

Experience Will Help in Iron Marines

Considering the price of Iron Marines ($4.99), you don’t expect a generic game that can’t offer a challenge. Ironhide Game Studio knows that, which is why they created a true challenge for both novice and experienced players. You have two types of restraints in the in-game world, and these are resources used to build units and the maximum number of them you can use.

That is why you need to treat each marine you have with utmost respect. Each unit is valuable and can play a crucial role in completing a level. Aside from that, many maps will also require you to take care of things at the defensive end, while looking for enemies to destroy. The overall impression is that Iron Marines is everything but a landslide when it comes to difficulty, but that is something most RTS fans will appreciate.


You Can Use In-Game Currencies as Help

Whenever you are in a tight spot, you can consider making an in-app purchase that will make things easier. You can buy active skills for your units, passive boosts, and power-ups and weapons that you can use only once. I know what you are going to say – why would I pay for the game and then have to purchase additional boosts within it?

The truth is that this is not a big issue because there are plenty of ways to earn currency in Iron Marines. For example, you can opt to complete a Spec Ops mission. And if you are looking for a quick solution, you can always watch a couple of sponsored ads.

While we are talking about issues, perhaps the only one I found is lack of an in-depth tutorial. It will take some time until you figure out how game mechanics work in Iron Marines, but once you do, you will have a blast playing it.

Iron Marines APK

Iron Marines Is the RPG the Mobile Market Missed

There were many attempts to bring RTS players to the mobile market, but they failed to succeed. Now we finally have a true genre gem with Iron Marines. The storyline might be simple, but the gameplay is deep and presents a challenge even for experienced players.  After you get a hold of how everything works, you will be thrilled that you invested in such an excellent game. If you want to play the game but you can’t afford it, then you should know you can download the Iron Marines APK for free.

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