The Sony publishing house seems to get more and more crowded nowadays. It was during last summer that a particular studio was in talks of being acquired by the publisher. Insomniac was proud and noble back in the day and had a history with Sony way before this announcement.

However, the deal is now officially done. Insomniac is formally a part of the Sony house of fun, and the big question on everybody’s mind is, what’s going to happen next? After a few insights into the company, and their latest interviews, we are here to bring you the latest news on the topic.

No Chance of a New Sunset Overdrive

One thing to set the records straight before we get into the meat of it. It has been debated and rumored. But while many fans of Sunset Overdrive were hoping for a new sequel, it’s less likely it’s going to happen any time soon. The main focus, much like other big studios under Sony’s belt, is currently the development of titles for their upcoming console.

So chances are high that upon its release, fans would already be treated to some exclusives, much like they were with its older brother. Sunset Overdrive 2 is a possibility, but maybe in the far future when things settle down. But what should you expect then?

A New Clank in Time

Anyone who grew up in the PS2 era knows the name Ratchet & Clank. This action-adventure platformer was the lovechild that came from following the PS1 era Spyro games. It was a solid production, one that transitioned to the PS3 with such grace that it outmatched Naughty Dog’s own mascots. After a solid reboot in 2016, nobody heard of the lovable duo for quite some time.

Four years passed and recently a new addition was finally teased. With Sony’s acquisition of the studio, a full sequel for the upcoming PS5 has been officially greenlit as being in development. Though not much aside from the actual installment’s mention was revealed, we expect that more will be uncovered with the console’s actual release.

Most likely, it will be a continuation of the Future Saga and will be a launch title for the new platform. We certainly hope so, because this duo has been in the shadows for far too long. They did confirm one thing – it will definitely come out before their other planned release.

A Sequel in The Making

Marvel’s Spider-Man hit us all hard the moment it dropped in the PS Store. Sure, many would argue it just copied a certain Dark Knight, but so much more was added than just that distinct combat mechanic. Players were enamored with the web-slinger and the game’s memorable cast. Given the original’s success, did you really think a sequel wasn’t coming? I know I didn’t.

However, despite the confirmation that the sequel is in the works, not much else was revealed. From the original’s ending, we can assume in which direction it’s going, but maybe the game takes an unexpected turn. Who is to say? What you should expect is that it won’t be out anytime soon. In fact, chances are, that much like the original, it will come out way towards the PS5’s ending cycle.

Innovations in A New Field

Another fascinating thing that will remain way after the studio’s shift will be their work in the VR department. This peaceful alliance was present even before this new procurement. With titles like Edge of Nowhere, Insomniac began work on the Oculus Rift, developing similar titles, mostly for PC. However, with the right equipment and the same team behind it, we can see them working on potential new IPs with the use of VR. Rumors are already circulating the Spider-Man might get proper VR treatment in the studio’s hands.

On the surface, this comes out as good news. Sony had a couple of good years past 2020. Insomniac’s addition only spices things up. After all, we have a lot of games to look forward to coming from the publisher. God of War plans a sequel to its magnum opus while Horizon considers other options in the wake of a potential follow-up.

Insomniac only adds flavor to this already stellar cast. And we are positively sure that whatever comes from the studio will be a welcome addition to the family. Be that a small cute platformer, or another blockbuster hero epic. We will be sure to follow up with more news on this, and you be sure to check in with us for more in the future.

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