The fighting game market needed a studio like NetherRealm. Ever since they revived the Mortal Kombat series, they’ve established themselves as one of the top developer teams in the niche. That is why their newest game, the sequel to the Injustice: Gods Among Us, was eagerly awaited around the world. It’s my pleasure to reveal that they haven’t disappointed us. Injustice 2 is a huge step forward in both gameplay and graphics, and the chances are that we have the best fighting game of 2017 in front of us.

Our Favorite Heroes Have a Common Enemy

Injustice 2 is also set in the DC Comics universe and portrays a bunch of familiar heroes and villains. If you played the original title (or MK), then you know that NetherRealm is proud of the cinematic story mode in their games. I2 once again manages to tell a movie-like story you will enjoy watching as much as playing.

Everything starts just where things ended in Injustice: GAU. The Justice League is divided, and Batman and Superman are the leaders of two different fractions. Superman plays the villain, considering that he ruled our planet in tyranny and mercilessly executed criminals. Batman and his followers stopped him, but the entire Superdude’s fraction is still not destroyed. In the middle of this chaos and Batman’s effort to regain the control over society, a new enemy in the form of Brainiac emerges. Faced with a familiar rival who is set to destroy our planet, favorite DC heroes and villains join their forces to save the Earth.

Play a total of 30 various heroes

As you progress through the story, you will get the chance to play with and fight various characters. The plot is deep and complex, although some scenes appear a bit unnatural because they need to lead into battle. Aside from offering multi-hour fun, the story mode is a great way for beginners to get to know some of the DC characters (yeah, like we don’t all know them already).

A total of 30 of your favorite heroes and villains are there, so you can play as Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and others. The new characters in the roster are, among the rest of them, Atrocitus, Supergirl, and Sub-Zero, who guest-stars from the Mortal Kombat series. That isn’t the first time NetherRealm did something like this because Scorpion was featured in the first game. Although he is not a member of the DC Universe, he was the most downloaded DLC character, so the developers expect Sub-Zero will attract all those MK fans to I2.

injustice 2 all charactersIt’s Just Cool to Pit Joker against Harley Quinn

The idea of pitting two DC characters that would never fight each other in ‘real life’ is just cool. When you add the complex fighting system of Injustice 2, you get one great game capable of providing days of fun. The fights are a combination of old-school combat, weapons, super powers, and interaction with the environment. Aside from regular attacks, you also have combos and special moves. You will quickly get ahold of how the system works, although it might take some while to perfect combo attacks.

injustice 2 joker vs harley quinnEach character has its unique special attack he can perform when gauge meter in the bottom of the screen is filled. It’s easy to carry out these super moves as all you need to do is press two buttons at the same time. Aside from inflicting far most damage, these moves are followed by a unique cinematic animation involving Batwing, breaking bones, and other creative cutscenes. Another new twist to the combat system is the activation of Clash. That’s a defensive move that makes players gamble sections of the super meter, but essentially it is an excellent escape plan when you feel like you don’t have the upper hand.

Injustice 2 will explain you the basics of fighting, but just as you are used to from some older games in the genre, it’s the research and practice that will secure you finding the best moves for each character. The Multiverse is a mode that will offer you different challenges in the form of battle modifiers. For example, there will be a screen black out every couple of seconds, which you or your opponent can use to your benefits. Some of the Multiverse worlds are time-sensitive, so you will only have a certain period to complete them and earn possible rewards.

New Gear System with LOADS of Equipment

The Multiverse will bring you most in-game currency needed to unlock new gear, but you will earn rewards through other modes, too. There is a lot of different equipment to unlock, and each character has a unique set of gear that can enhance their abilities or improve their appearance. Each of the heroes (and villains) has five gear slots, a couple of skill slots, and unique custom shading. You will get random hear after each battle, as well as blind loot boxes depending on how dominant you were in a fight. If you play Multiverse challenges, you have a slightly bigger chance of unlocking the gear for the character you currently use.

That randomness kills the fun sometimes because once you get far into the game, you will notice that you usually get boring gear for characters you don’t use. Even if you get so lucky to get a piece of equipment related to your favorite fighter, there is a chance it will be locked until you reach a certain level. Yes, you can level up your characters, and yes, it’s not rare that you will unlock gear made for fighters ten levels higher than your current one.

In-game Currency explained

The in-game currency system of Injustice 2 is complicated, but it can be explained in a couple of sentences. You have guild credits and regen coins you can use to unlock random gear, and you have crystals that you can use to control your entire inventory. The trick is that the crystals require you to pay some real money. Yes, you will earn crystals as you play I2, but the amount is nowhere near enough to the one you will need for all that fun equipment pieces.

Regardless of the fact that the game is a bit after your money, the pace at which you unlock gear and new costumes is more than satisfying. And once you see your favorite hero’s new costume that completely transforms him, you will know that it was worth it. Aside from that, the system of leveling up your fighters and changing their appearance helps you connect with your characters, making them less generic and more related to you.

Online Battles – Live or Simulation

Once you get tired of the AI competition (or playing against the same friends in local multiplayer), you can test your skills online against players from around the world. It’s a welcoming change, and a good chance to earn free items. The online battles are not your classic 1-on-1 fights. Instead, you will create a team of three characters and pit team against a rival’s roster.

Alternatively, you can also select your squad and let AI do the job in a simulated fight against the opponent’s AI team. You can speed up these simulated battles up to four times, and they present a nice addition and another fantastic chance to earn some loot. When it comes to the gear you can use online; you can only use performance-modifying boosts if both players agree to that and even then the match won’t count in the official ranking. As for the appearance, the new costumes are available and transferable through all modes.

It’s hard to find the right words for the graphics in Injustice 2, so it might be the best thing to let you see for yourself. I will just tell you that they are spectacular, starting from the incredibly detailed characters, their costumes, and upgrades, up to breathtaking venues and amazing animations for regular and special moves. Voiceover acting in movie scenes is nothing less brilliant, and the sound effects add to the incredible fighting atmosphere.

Final Words

Injustice 2 is the new big name in the fighting genre. NetherRealm did an excellent job and exceeded expectations in almost all areas. The story mode is beautiful, and it comes with an elaborate plot, which is unusual for a fighting game. The Multiverse enables different challenges, including time-sensitive worlds and battle modifiers. Once you get tired of all that, you can test your strength against other players online, where you can participate in 3-on-3 combat live or let your squad fight the opponent’s team also run by AI.

Add to that a broad range of characters from the DC universe, and a bunch of gear to unlock for each of them. And, just as the icing on the cake, the possibility to level up your fighters and change their costumes. All this makes Injustice 2 the best fighting game available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.