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Injustice 2 first look and release date on PS4/Xbox One

NetherRealm Studios is a team that succeeded in bringing the Mortal Kombat franchise back to life. They had done a great job with the Injustice: Gods Among Us, so you could safely say that they know how to make a fighting game. That is why we are looking forward to their newest installment. Injustice 2 is set for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) on May 16, 2017.

What can stop Batman from saving the society?

The first part ended with the defeat of the High Councilor, and this is where the sequel takes off. Batman from the alternate timeline and his followers try to fully recover the society while fighting what’s left of the Superman’s regime. That’s when an imminent danger that puts Earth’s existence at risk shows up.

The developers decided to keep the cinematic story mode we know and love from MK and the first Injustice game. You won’t get to choose the hero you play the story with. Instead, you will change the character every couple of fights just to make things more exciting and challenging. Aside from a compelling story, I2 will also offer the biggest DC roster ever to appear in a fighting game, so prepare to fulfill your dirtiest hero vs. hero and villain vs. villain fighting fantasies.

Which characters are in the game?

According to the official game website, there will be a total of 39 fighters in the game. The complete list still hasn’t appeared, but it will certainly be exhaustive. The famous faces of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Catwoman all make their return. I2 will also feature some fresh characters, such as Supergirl, and several cool new villains like Gorilla Drodd and Deadshot. Keep in mind that you might need to unlock some of the characters by advancing through the game.

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Scorpion showed up in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a guest character. So there is a chance that the sequel will also include a member of the Mortal Kombat crew. According to the rumors indirectly confirmed by one of the developers, Subzero will help Batman and the gang against the unknown enemy.  Besides him, Spawn is likely to make a guest appearance as another non-DC character.

The Gear System explained in the all-new Injustice 2

The Gear System is the biggest innovation we will experience in Injustice 2. It is a system of getting new game items as you play. No need to worry, the game won’t ask additional money to get the enhancements. In fact, the new system is there to help deepen and improve the single-player fighting experience.

How does it work?

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose (it’s better if you win), you will unlock upgrades for the characters as you play I2. These include helmets, chest armor, belts, arm and leg pieces and a bunch of different accessories. Aside from making you look more bad-ass, each item comes with a stat range. Each different piece will improve different abilities. That means that you will be able to build your own Batman (or any other character) instead of just playing as one. Do you see him as a fighter that’s always attacking or focusing on defense? The choice is entirely up to you.

Each of the fighters has their unique gear. Rarity and random factors will decide which particular piece you will earn. Although you have more chance to get an upgrade for the character you are playing with, you can also unlock gear for other characters. For example, if you are playing as Superman, it might happen that you unlock Supergirl’s cape.

We can’t give you an exact number, but there are tons of different customizations for your favorite DC characters. They will influence the fighters in four categories – strength (improves attack), defense (impacts the damage you can take), ability (influences special moves) and health. You can also mix and match different gear pieces for additional bonuses.

Multiplayer experience with the new system

The developers promise that the Gear system won’t influence the quality of multiplayer matches. If you choose to keep Gear on for online battles, the system will try to find you a similar opponent, or it will boost your stats to make it a fair fight. That means that the only difference will be the move set you can use. Alternatively, you can also select to turn Gear off for the multiplayer battles.

Injustice 2 gameplay expectations

After playing the first Injustice and Mortal Kombat, we are pretty confident that NetherRealm will rise up to the challenge. You can expect battles with high pace and not much time for thinking. Each of the characters will have special moves, which will be featured in a cinematic sequence. Superman will drag his opponents up to the sky, while Supergirl will send them flying through asteroids. Batman will call in the Batwing and Aquaman will summon a scary giant fish with fangs.

injustice 2 gameplay supergirl vs atrocitus

We will see some fresh gameplay elements, including air recovery and evasive roll. Both of these will consume a certain part of the gauge meter, while super moves will cost you the entire gauge. A significant innovation is the ability to block environmental attacks. This is something that frustrated the players of the previous game. We can also expect interactive locations and destructible environments.

A treat for Comic Fans

Just the fact that Injustice 2 will give you the option to kick some villain ass with your favorite superheroes should be reason enough to try this game. However, it seems clear that NetherRealm doesn’t just want to rip off the players by making an average sequel. The new Gear System with RPG elements, new characters and changes of gameplay give us hope that Injustice 2 will fulfill our expectations.

Three different editions of the game will be released in May – the standard edition ($60), digital deluxe edition with 3 new fighters ($80) and the ultimate edition (9 new fighters and 3 premiere skins). You can place your pre-order on their website here: Purchase Injustice 2.

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