Injustice 2 Hellboy

Injustice 2 Arrived on PC; Hellboy Coming to Consoles

You could say that Netherrealm is the studio that revived the fighting genre, at least when it comes to the PC platform. Their games are nothing less brilliant on consoles, starting from the Mortal Kombat franchise up to the Injustice series. The second installment of the game that features the characters from the DC universe has been available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for a while now. Now the PC fans have a reason to celebrate because Injustice 2 is also out on their platform today!

You can purchase the game on Steam, where the standard edition will cost you $50. However, if you want additional fighters and some sweet in-game extras, you might want to consider the Deluxe Edition which costs $80. Either way, you can buy the game immediately and start playing it in seconds. Judging from the positive reviews left by the users who already did this, you are in for one hell of a ride with Injustice 2. We expected nothing less since the console release was fantastic and Netherrealm is known as a studio that makes solely excellent games. They had the help from the QLOC, a Polish studio which specializes in porting. You can take a look at the requirements needed for the I2 on PC here.

Hellboy Making Its Way to Consoles

The console owners also have something to look forward to if they are Injustice fans. In just a couple of days, precisely on November 21, there will be a new character available. Hellboy, the comic hero we know and love is the latest addition to the roster of available fighters. Of course, he packs a revolver and the familiar goggles, but all other features are also there. If you have purchased the Fighter Pack 2 DLC for I2, you will get the chance to play as Hellboy for free. Otherwise, the cost of acquiring him will be $6.

As for the PC fans, they will have to be patient when it comes to the availability of Hellboy. In the meantime, each player that buys the deluxe edition will get 9 DLC characters. That lists include familiar faces from Mortal Kombat, such as Raiden and Sub Zero, as well as Starfire, Red Hood, and others.

There will be more surprises when it comes to character additions for Injustice 2. The latest announcement revealed that we could expect to play as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soon.

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