Infinity Blade 3 APK Download – Play the Game for Free on Android

Infinity Blade 3 APK

If anyone asked us whether we would ever see the Unreal Engine on mobile phones, we would say “not in a million years.” However, the technology advancement is apparent, and it is what brings us the Infinity Blade 3, one of the most beautiful games ever released on smartphones.


The Final Part of the Trilogy

The third installment of the series takes a familiar formula and perfects it. The fighting is just the way you remember. You will encounter a sequence of massive monsters that you need to take out using your swipe-based combat skills. At the end of each area, there will be a boss waiting. As expected, they are the hardest opponents in any section and, if they kill you, you must start the entire area from the beginning.

Unlocking each new area and progressing through the game will enable you more experience and options to upgrade your weapons and skills. You will win treasure chests with sweet rewards, collect loot from killed enemies, but you can also choose to spend real money to buy new gear. It’s the basic concept of mobile gaming and something we have already seen in this franchise, too.

Set up Your Base and Start from There

Your base station in the Infinity Blade 3 will be the hub. You can do a lot of cool stuff here, including brewing potions and forging weapons, as well as trading with a woman that appears on random occasions with rare loot. There is a waiting timer for most of the stuff you want to upgrade which slows your progress, but it is still happening at a decent level.

Infinity Blade 3 Gameplay

From your hub, you can access the map of the in-game world. By visiting the map, you can choose to explore story-advancing areas or try your luck in completing the currently available challenges. That comes in handy, considering that you can get stuck with one of the bosses. When that happens, there are always alternative ways to upgrade and prepare to face him again.

Two Playable Characters with Different Combat Styles

There are two playable characters in the Infinity Blade 3. Depending on the level, the game will choose the one you need to play with, although the choice will be up to you at specific points. Siris and Isa are two main protagonists, and they have completely different fighting styles, which should add to the diversity and dynamics of the game.

Infinity Blade 3

We mentioned at the beginning, but it won’t hurt to repeat it – the game looks brilliant. That is why it’s much better if you play it on a giant screen to be able to enjoy the graphics altogether. Overall, Infinity Blade 3 is an excellent release and a successful final installment of the trilogy.

How to Play Infinity Blade 3 on Android?

If you visit the Dolphin website, you will find that you can download the Infinity Blade 3 APK for free. Just look for the download link on the page and install the APK to your phone. If you installed it successfully, you should find an icon that starts the game on the home screen. Who would think that it would be so easy to get this fantastic release free of cost?

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