In The Valley of Gods Release Date

In the Valley of Gods Was Announced Over a Year Ago – When Can We Play It?

Some exciting announcements were made at this year’s Game Awards and there is no doubt that the event left a huge impression with the gaming communities. While some of the reveals will become full releases soon, we will have to patiently wait for some games to be completed. It wouldn’t be the first time that the companies rushed with an announcement.

Maybe the best example of this is In the Valley of Gods, a game that was revealed by Campo Santo during Game Awards 2017. For those of you that might now know, this studio was acquired by Valve, who are looking from the development team to create a fantastic single-player experience. Campo Santo already created one amazing game – Firewatch – which further fueled the hype related to the new release.

When Valve announced that they are acquiring the company, the gaming community was delighted. The resources (money) Valve has at their disposal is the best guarantee that a game will look the way it should. Although Campo Santo kept their name, they do not exist as a company anymore. Even the members of the studio confirmed that they are now working for Valve.

Things are Starting to Wear Off

The excitement surrounding In the Valley of Gods has started going down as time passed. It has been more than a year from the official announcement, but we still do not have a release date or any real details related to the game. Apart from the indication that it will be single-player, which should mark Valve’s big return to the market of these games, we have no further information.

In The Valley of Gods Trailer

Even if you visit the official Steam page of the game, you won’t find any developer blogs or news. Instead, there is just a short description of the title and several screenshots showing a desert valley in Egypt, which will be the setting of the game.

The players will assume the role of Rashida as they explore the surroundings in this first-person adventure. There will be another protagonist called Zora, who used to be your partner, but you swore that working together will never happen again. As an Indiana Jones wannabe, your goal will be to find treasures and archaeological discoveries. To make that possible, you need to stay alive and avoid dangers lurking at every corner.

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