Characters Can’t Be Killed in Fallout 76; Bethesda Can’t Help

Fallout 76 PvP

For a game that we had been waiting for months, there is no doubt that Fallout 76 was a disappointment once it was finally released. The players mostly agreed that the game was unfinished. Not only the in-game world wasn’t rich enough, but numerous bugs are affecting the game experience.

And while the company is releasing large patches that repair a portion of the issues, the players are having fun finding new ones. One of the latest trends in the gaming community is to complain about the Godlike abilities of the characters in Fallout 76. Numerous players have done so on Reddit and even begged Bethesda to find a way for their characters to die.

One player emphasized that they tried everything to kill themselves in the game. However, it led them to believe that they won’t be able to die even if there was a nuke blast right in front of them. Many others agree that it is not for a lack of effort, but the characters are simply refusing to give up.

“I haven’t found a single way for her to die even though now I would like her to,” said a player under the nickname Brogadyn.

He even used the opportunity to contact customer support. It took them several days to reply, but their answer was unhelpful. Even though they recommended him to check some info and status effects, even the Bethesda staff was unable to cure immortality.

An even bigger problem that comes from this is that his character has 0HP. This is an issue because it prevents him to do various in-game activities.

“Fallout 76 only allows me to do boring stuff now. I don’t want to let my immortality ruin mu multiplayer sessions or exploration. They might fix it, but if they don’t, I don’t have any other option apart from accepting that fact.”

Brogadyn is particularly sad about the fact that he is near the cap limit and there is nothing more for him to do then consider the in-game content trivial. There are some interesting suggestions in the comments section on his post, such as ideas to imagine he is the Fallout 76 God.

While all this is funny, there is no doubt that it is an excellent indicator that Bethesda rushed the release of the game.

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