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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Review – Can You Save the Princess?

Ever wanted to own a castle? That is what you can do in the new mobile role-playing game Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom, but there is a condition. The Abyss Lord is causing chaos throughout the kingdom. He kidnapped the old King along with his daughter Princess Olivia. As every princess, she is one lovely lady, and everyone would like to win her heart.

The Abyss Lord did choose the wrong approach by kidnapping her and trying to force her into marriage. It’s up to you to develop your castle and gather a strong army to prevent that from happening and free the Princess and the King.

Where to Get It?

Before we dive into explaining how the game works, let’s see where you can get the Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom. It is available in the Google Play Store if you are an Android user and in the Apple App Store if you want to play using an iOS device. The game is free to download and play, but there are in-game purchases that can speed up your progress.

Hustle Castle Review

You should also know that this is a new game that only recently appeared on the mobile market. Although you can enjoy the immersive experience of the full version, we like that the developers are continuously adding new features and options to improve the game. It’s nice to see that a creative team listens to the community feedback as does.

Become the Lord of a Medieval Castle!

Your first impression when you start playing will be that there is not a lot of creativity involved when it comes to choosing the settings and the storyline. The game is set in the medieval age, and you are a Lord that needs to save the Princess. Is there anything more cliché than that? Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about as Hustle Castle manages to develop an extensive story that is both intriguing and fun.

In fact, there is a pretty solid single-player campaign available. In some other similar games, this mode only serves to teach you how the gameplay works and prepare you for real-time battles. However, in this game, you will have hundreds of missions to complete a campaign that is entirely story-driven. You can expect all the mythical creatures related to that age, which includes dragons, orcs, skeletons, and giants.

Make Your Castle a Fortress

Your headquarters are in your castle and building it up and organizing it plays a vital role in protecting your citizens and defeating enemies. In the beginning, you get a modest construction with a couple of rooms. Donald the Glorious, one of your knights, got the task of showing you around. The first thing he will teach you is how to construct barracks and create units for your army.

Hustle Castle Tutorial

The tutorial keeps it simple and doesn’t show the incredible potential that Hustle Castle has. The truth is that there is a lot of innovative content to reveal and intriguing stuff to do. As for the castle construction, the game keeps it essential when it comes to this genre. You’ve got various buildings that can be used to your advantage and you can construct and upgrade them to gather resources you will later use in battle.

The Beauty and Diversity of Your Villagers

Aside from the story-driven single-player mode, the diversity of your subjects is the most prominent asset of the game. Each of the villagers can be assigned to a different role, including scribes, blacksmiths, treasurers, and much more. Of course, there is a benefit to having all the types present. Treasurers will provide coins; blacksmith will generate anvils and so on; you get the idea. You can develop your subjects to become specialists in various areas.

Hustle Castle Gameplay

However, there is one little detail that delighted us. There is a dating room available in the castle where you can merge your villagers to help them have children. Soon enough, these children will grow and become your new servants. There is nothing sketchy or distasteful here, just a fun idea to develop your kingdom faster.

Build Your Army to Fight the Foes

Although you can have fun with developing your servants, your primary focus should be on improving the army to protect your stronghold and attack enemies. The knights in shining armor are ready for battle and inflicting some severe damage, although the cartoonish animation doesn’t suggest that. In fact, the cartoon style graphics are the jackpot because it makes the game fitting for all ages and increases the fun.

Hustle Castle Android

Your troops have some difficult tasks ahead of them, including defeating the Abyss Lord but also fighting against the Mighty Brainpan Grav’s army and much more. Despite that it manages to provide an all-around experience, Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom doesn’t forget the social aspect.

Join Clans and Destroy Other Castles

The multiplayer mode enables you to attack and burn down the castle of a player you don’t like or someone that just crossed your way accidentally. There is no room for compassion as you need to climb the rankings and become the greatest ruler of them all! The developers will soon implement some cool new features, such as the option of forming or joining a clan. That aspect should improve the multiplayer experience by enabling you to attack enemy territories together and help each other develop your kingdoms faster.

Aside from that, the list of future additions also includes mazes and portals. That should provide an extra way to earn in-game currency in the form of gold and gems. The current state of the game doesn’t offer many ways to get resources, so this is a welcome change. The remaining feature that we are looking forward to is trading. The developers listed that they are working on including caravans, which will open trade routes and another opportunity for resources.

It’s a shame that the waiting timers seem too long at the moment, which influences the gaming experience, but with the developers ironing out the issues, we can soon expect better balance in this area. One thing is sure; Hustle Castle is on the right track to becoming one of the most entertaining games in the role-playing genre.

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