Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Cheats, Hacks & Tricks 2019

Hustle Castle Cheats

We just can’t avoid criticizing the developers for making an evident pay to win release with this game. You start on a high note as you have a lot of buildings to construct and other things to do. However, as you progress through the levels, you find yourselves waiting for the timers to expire more and more. And even if you try to head for a multiplayer battle, you see that the players who invested real cash make the majority of those that are waiting at higher levels. So if you don’t want to stay at lower stages of the game and you want to play in the big leagues, then take a look at the Hustle Castle cheats and hacks that secure you unlimited resources without having to invest a single cent of real money.

The first tool I’m going to share here is an online generator available free to use.  You can access the website and use the Hustle Castle hack from any device. No matter if you’re running iOS, Android or even Windows, all you need is a browser. After doing so, the entire process is straightforward, but if you have any problems, you can follow the instructions listed in the next section. You can use the button below to get to the website if you feel like you’re ready. Otherwise, keep on reading to learn more about these Hustle Castle cheats along with other tips.


Hustle Castle Diamonds

More About the Hustle Castle Hack

It is worth mentioning that this is currently the best method to acquire free diamonds, gold, food, and wood without installing anything on your device. Cyberdogsonline provides players with an online hack generator that is incredibly simple to use. But for those that may get stuck, there’s also a list of instructions for the tool:

  1. After accessing the website, fill in the first field with your username(in-game name) or email(the one to which you linked your game);
  2. Select the operating system of the device you’re currently playing on;
  3. Choose the proxy server closest to your location;
  4. Select the amount of gold and diamonds that you want;
  5. Share the Hustle Castle hack with your friends(this is an optional step);
  6. Wait for the process to finish and then restart your game.

That is pretty much all that you have to do, it is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. This method is pretty safe because of the proxy servers it uses. So far there haven’t been any reported cases of accounts getting banned. The generator is also being kept updated, so if it ceases working, just wait for the new version. As long as the game is popular I feel like there will always be cheats for Hustle Castle available.

Hustle Castle Hack

Te limit for both gold and diamonds is pretty big, which is a great thing. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be too greedy because you might get on the developers’ radar and risk getting your account suspended. If you ask us, running the hack once is more than enough to have plenty of resources for the time being.

Hustle Castle APK Mods

In the beginning, let’s clarify that only Android users can take advantage of the APK mods. These are nothing more than modified installation files to provide various benefits to players. They are not considered legal because the developers don’t approve of them and that is why you need to download them from alternative sources. However, they are entirely legit and safe for your phone.

Hustle Castle Apk

AndroidNucleus brings us an interesting twist when it comes to Hustle Castle APK mods. They modified the code in a way that wins are guaranteed for your army on all missions. If you want to relax and play the game without getting too excited about the battle outcome, this is the mod you need. But if you are only looking for resources that will bring you a competitive advantage, try the Hustle Castle Hack APK on Techiandro. It secures you unlimited money (both gems and gold), and that should be enough to use the potential of the game to the fullest. The only downside being that you won’t be able to go online.

Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks

If you are a beginner, you might find it tricky to find the easiest way to building a strong castle that can repel the enemy, while developing a strong army on the other side. It’s not easy to strike the right balance in the beginning, but perhaps these Hustle Castle tips will speed up your progress.

Play the Game Regularly

Perhaps you don’t consider it a profound tip, but the truth is that coming back to the game on a regular basis is the best way to success. A considerable part of the game involves building and upgrading structures across your stronghold. We are used that the releases in these genre use waiting for timers and Hustle Castle is no different. That is why you should always keep track of what you are building and when the construction will finish. It’s in your interest to have the builders working at all times to maximize the efficiency of creating a stable castle.

The developers are aware that regular players mean the most and they are working on including daily bonuses. That means that you will soon get rewards just because you opened the game each day, which sounds like a sweet deal! This might lower the number of Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom cheats users, as they’ll be able to keep up by logging in daily.

Make Sure That You Have Citizens with Diverse Skills

You can develop your citizens into scribes, blacksmiths, and make them other skill specialists. Each specialty brings a specific benefit, which is why you should ensure to keep things as diverse as possible. For example, treasurers will drop coins and increase the amount of the primary in-game currency at your disposal. A smart strategy can get you a long way, so make sure to think about an action before performing it.

Use the Advantage of Raising New Subjects

You have the option to build a dating room within your castle. The citizens can use it to have children that will grow to be your subjects, too. You should take advantage of this opportunity because raising new citizens is an efficient way to increase your kingdom. Besides, it’s an innovative feature, and it’s fun to use it.

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