Humble Bundle’s Idea of Halloween Includes a Free Game and 50 More on Discount

Humble Bundle Halloween

We will never get tired of gaming sales for Halloween! There is a chance that we might run out of money, but even that will probably not happen, considering the incredible discounts offered by digital distribution platforms!

Humble Bundle Asks: Would You Like a Free Game?

Humble Bundle attracted a lot of attention recently when IGN acquired them, but they have now done something even more memorable. They offered a Haunted Halloween with over 50 games available on discount. Furthermore, if you get there on time (until October 28th 11 AM PT), you can get a free copy of the PvP airship battle game Guns of Icarus Online.

Once you click the link above, you should add the game to your cart and complete the order. Your Steam key will be delivered in a matter of minutes. Once you secure that free order, you can take a look at what else is available on Humble Bundle’s Haunted Halloween sale. Let us give you a couple of suggestions:

The Walking Dead

Telltale Games is behind many excellent video game releases based on TV shows, including The Walking Dead. The first two seasons of the game are available at 70% discount, which means that each season will cost you only $7. The season pass that you secure by purchasing this deal guarantees you access to all available episodes of the game.

Zombie Army Trilogy

What good is Halloween without some zombies thirst for your blood chasing you? The guys from Humble know that, and they chose the first-person action shooter Zombie Army Trilogy as a gift for this year. You can get a whopping 80% discount on the release in the store and purchase the game for as low as $8.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Series

Perhaps it’s not directly related to supernatural, but the Third Reich had some terrifying actions during the WWII. In the Sniper: Ghost Warrior bundle, which includes a total of six games, you will assume the role of a sharpshooter fighting against various enemies. The incredible sniper experience is now available for as low as $4.

Mount & Blade Collection

There is something for everyone in the package that HB offered for our favorite holiday. Lovers of strategy will be thrilled with the Mount & Blade Collection, which includes all games and DLCs that take you to various places in history, such as Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest. The entire bundle is available for $15, which is only one-third of the original price.

Keep in mind that Haunted Halloween sale on Humble Bundle runs until November 2nd (10 AM PT). Although we can’t expect more fantastic deals in the future, there is no reason not to use this opportunity to get your favorite bundle at a discount price.

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