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What Will the Controversial IGN’s Purchase of Humble Bundle Mean for the Gaming Community?

The controversial news that IGN bought Humble Bundle game store rocked the gaming industry a couple of days ago. The online game shop is famous for offering bundle deals that collect money for charity, while IGN is a reputable media giant in the gaming industry. Although many are worried due to the apparent conflict of interests, both companies have denied that the partnership will influence their business actions.

“We Want to Achieve Bigger Things”

According to the HB officials, the company will keep everything, including its culture, offices, and employees. The significant difference is that they will have help by the IGN to collect even more for charity and continue fulfilling their plans.

“When we founded Humble Bundle in 2010, we worked from the homes where we lived with our parents. They supported us, but they were ready for the option that we might stay there forever. Seven years later, we have managed to collect over $100 million for charity thanks to our generous customers,” said Jeffrey Rosen, the co-founder CEO of the company, on the official blog.

Humble Bundle

Rosen emphasized that they don’t plan to stop here.

“Partnering with IGN is the ideal move to achieve even bigger things that we are certain are ahead.”

That sentence might be the one that discovers the plan of HB for the future that includes moving beyond operating as an online storefront. With the resources and help they get from IGN, they can become successful in other businesses such as publishing games.

Is There a Conflict of Interest?

Unlike Humble Bundle, IGN doesn’t have the best reputation among players despite being one of the most prominent game review websites on the web. They are often accused of publishing favorable reviews in exchange for getting access. While that is probably not true (a large gaming website should have access to exclusive content, it just the way things work), the conflict of interest raised some doubts about the new partnership.

It does strike as weird that the same corporation will own a website that reviews games and an online storefront for selling them. However, both companies denied that this would affect their work.

“We plan to keep the editorial teams of the two websites rigidly separated. Aside from that, we will make sure to offer full disclosure whenever IGN published content about a subscription, bundle, or a game funded or created by HB,” said Peter Schneider from IGN about the issue.

A similar response was given by the general manager and executive vice president of IGN Mitch Galbraith.

“We take editorial integrity as a serious issue. That is why we are certain that we will find a proper balance in covering games sold on Humble Bundle and everything related to their website.”

How Will This Affect Humble Bundle?

The thing that worries the gamers around the world is that the HB will move from their recognizable way of doing business.

“We will continue doing our job as usual, but in a better way. The increased resources that we will get thanks to the support of IGN will enable us to secure best bundles regarding both games and books while remaining the Humble Monthly subscriptions and collecting, even more, money for charity,” said John Graham, the other co-founder of the Humble Bundle.

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