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Humble Bundle Surpasses $100 Million In Money Raised For Charity

In only seven years of existence, Humble Bundle managed to collect over $100 million for charities. The innovative concept where the customers pay the amount they want for games and other digital content and decide where their money will go proved to be successful. Today, they can brag because they rose over $100 million for organizations such as The American Red Cross and Action Against Hunger.

John Graham, CEO of Humble Bundle, already has the next goal in mind.

“We want to make this charity milestone look small. I hope that we have another milestone to share with you in the future.”

How Does Everything Work?

Humble Bundle website offers PC and mobile games, as well as e-books and other digital content, to their visitors. There are active promotions which allow you to get bundles of games and decide how much you want to pay for them. When you are making a purchase, you can choose who you want your money to go to. You can pick between the developers, the Humble Bundle team, charity, or a combination of all three.

How It Works

The concept of Humble Bundle proved to be successful from the very start. Their first offer in 2010 was a bundle of five indie games. Although they expected about $100,000 in sales, they managed to reach a whopping $1.27 million. Ever since then, the company was only going up.

Perhaps the best offer currently available is the monthly subscription for Humble Bundle. At the moment, it costs $12, and you can acquire some fresh and fantastic games thanks to it. Besides that, you can always head to the HB store and choose to buy an individual release instead of a bundle.

Featured Charities and Promotions

Depending on the current game offered in the monthly promotion, Humble Bundle selects the featured charity for that period. However, that is only a suggestion, because you can always opt to donate money to a different charity. You can choose from several thousands of organizations from the database on the website.

Humble Bundle Charity Organizations

When you make a purchase, you have the slider shown above that helps you choose the destination for your money. By default, it is set to give 65 percent to developers, 15 percent to charity organizations, and 20 percent to the HB website. However, you are free to move the sliders in any desired direction. The company never publicly reveals where you send your money.

“If wouldn’t be humble to enable everyone to access that data,” claims Graham.

Regardless of the freedom of choice given to buyers, Humble Bundle manages to survive and continually grow.

“As long as people value our business in the same way like we, I think we will have enough to keep growing. That is something that has proven right so far.”

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