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Huge Update Just Got Announced For Hitman 3!

Huge Update Just Got Announced For Hitman 3!

Io Interactive came out with a surprising announcement about Hitman 3. The conclusion to their World of Assassination trilogy is getting another year of support!

Hitman 3 is getting another year of support, including an updated roadmap and tons of content. Io Interactive, developers of the Hitman series, announced great things for their latest game via a YouTube video.

The trailer in question starts off with Hakkan Abrak, CEO of Io Interactive, thanking players for all of their support. Furthermore, Hakkan revealed that the entire World of Assassination trilogy achieved 50 million players. Whether that means 50 million copies sold is not known at this point.

After some more heartfelt words, the studio director officially announced that Hitman 3 will get more content in the year 2022. This is honestly a very welcome surprise. Not often does a single-player experience get such dedicated support from its developer.

But at the same time, Io Interactive has been treating their newest trilogy great across the board. Hitman 1 and 2 both got frequent updates long after they premiered. Not to mention the great elusive target system present in each game.

But What Great Update is Heading To Hitman 3 in 2022?

Io Interactive announced support for Ray-Tracing on PC. This addition is bound to make the already beautiful game even prettier.

The follow-up announcement is even better. As it turns out, VR support is heading to PC! This feature is already present in the PlayStation version of the game. But sadly it doesn’t shine there. PSVR of Hitman 3 only supports the DualShock 4 as input. Meaning no flailing your arms around with VR controllers. This might be good for furniture in my flat, but gameplay-wise is a big bummer.

But the PCVR for Hitman 3 is confirmed to use regular VR controllers. This means that you can neck-chop till you drop. Not to mention all the John Wick style of moves people will pull with throwables. I don’t have to tell how exciting this feature is. And furthermore, can we appreciate that Io Interactive is releasing this as a free update? Not as a stand-alone money grab of a game?

Another mentioned part of this 2022 update plan for Hitman 3 is the elusive target arcade. This one is quite mysterious indeed. Elusive targets are timed challenges in the World of Assassination trilogy. They are gone forever once the time runs out. Since this is the finale of the said trilogy, maybe IO will give us access to all the elusive targets from the past?

Even more content… for free!

Abrak then also reveals that new maps are coming to the campaign. Alongside new storylines it seems. This is once again, following the pattern laid by previous entries in the franchise. But at this time it is hard to tell if the new maps are free additions or not. Here’s hoping for the former.

The CEO also mentions new modes, and new ways of playing. Again, the series is no stranger to bizarre and experimental gameplay modes. Hitman 2 even features a co-op mode in an experimental sniper assassin mode. So who knows what Io is going to pull this time.

And last but not least. Io Interactive posted a breakdown of all of this on their website. One of the headings reads “[REDACTED]”. “In Spring 2022, we’ve got a major update to the game planned. Stay tuned for more details,” reads the description underneath. This could possibly be a DLC of sorts on top of all that mentioned stuff. Or maybe something completly crazy like PvP or Co-Op. They experimented with various online components after-all.