Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Sony to Release Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition as a Holiday Bundle

Holidays are coming, and developers are getting ready for the festive season by preparing new releases. Sony recently delighted us with the announcement that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is coming at the end of the year. The release date is set to be on December 5, and the new version will offer a bundle of both the base game and the latest expansion Frozen Wilds.

But the holiday season will come much earlier for all the HZD fans. Frozen Wilds is set to hit the digital shelves on November 7. That means players from around the world can play the expansion almost an entire month before the Complete Edition comes out. If you have PS Plus subscription, you can pre-order FW at discount price of $15, while the regular cost is $20.

What Will Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition Include?

In short, the holiday release of the game will include everything that the developers did so far. That means that you will get base version of Horizon Zero Dawn along with Frozen Wilds expansion, as well as the entire content from the Digital Deluxe Edition. That now includes:

  • Nora Keeper Pack
  • Carja Trader Pack
  • Banuk Traveller Pack
  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Culling Bow
  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Mighty Bow
  • Digital Art Book The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

Digital Deluxe Edition

It’s worth noting that the deluxe edition is currently worth $60, which means that you could save some money by being patient and waiting for the holiday bundle.

As for the base version of the HZD, you should also know that you would get all updates with the Complete Edition. Although it had great success when it was first released, Sony continued to work on improving the game, and there have been numerous updates since then.

That resulted in a bunch of new features coming with the patches. One of them is the mode that lets you adjust difficulty settings to make playing more comfortable. Many players were complaining that HZD can be a bit too hard at some points, so Sony responded to feedback and provided an update. This won’t mean much to you if you like a real challenge, but many of those out there who prefer to relax and enjoy playing will appreciate the change.

Aside from that, one of the updates brought the incredible Photo Mode. It added a bunch of improvements when it comes to settings of the camera, as well as numerous poses.

Will HZD Remain PlayStation 4 Exclusive?

If you were hoping that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will also appear on other consoles, we are sorry to disappoint you. Considering that Sony is behind the game, it will remain PS 4 exclusive, and there are no plans for a release on other platforms.

However, if there ever was a game that was worth buying the console for, it’s probably HZD. If you add to that the fantastic holiday opportunity to get a bundle of the original, expansion and all the deluxe content at such an affordable price, it’s a value deal to enjoy the holidays.

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