Hitman 2 Gold Edition

Hitman 2 to Be Released in the Coming Days – Those with Gold Edition Get a Head Start

In one way or another, the Hitman franchise is close to celebrating two decades of existence. The first title appeared in 2000 and the last one named Hitman 2 is only a couple of days away. It is why we tried to find out when is the exact time of the release and when can you begin downloading this latest game.

The official release date is set to be November 13th, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. If you purchased the Gold Edition, you will have several days of head start and you will be able to download the game on November 9th.

As for the time, the official moment when Hitman 2 will become available on Steam is November 9th at 7 PM CET / 10 AM PST. Once again, that is only the release date for those that have the Gold Edition. Exactly for days later, so at the same time on November 13th, the game will become publicly available for all everyone that purchased it.

According to the information from the developers, you will need at least 40GB of space on your hard drive to fit Hitman 2. However, there is no info whatsoever about pre-loading, which implies that it cannot be done at all. Instead, you will have to wait for your release time to begin downloading the game.

The Time of The Release

If you wondering where we got these release time, the answer is Reddit. You can find plenty of interesting things out there, but sometimes the information may not be accurate. The weird thing about Hitman 2 is that IO Interactive revealed two different released times for November 9th – while the officials said that it will be at 10 AM PST, the company’s Twitter account mentions Midnight EST.

At this point, we have no idea who to believe as both posts belong to the development team. Our best guess is that one release time is for PC and other for console versions, but we are still waiting for confirmation. Either way, the important thing is that we are only several days away from continuing the adventure with our favorite assassin and we are looking forward to enjoying even more creative missions and long sessions.

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