Hallow's End Event

Free Packs and Dual-Class Arena Mode All Part of Hearthstone’s Hallow’s End Event

If Headless Horseman wasn’t your favorite card in Hearthstone, it’s about to become. He is a party guy who likes to celebrate, especially when it’s a dark holiday like Halloween. The Horseman feels best at this time of the year, and he wants to share that with all of us. That is why he is organizing a party from October 24th to November 6th, and he prepared some cool surprises!

Okay, let’s get serious for a moment now. Blizzard has prepared some extras for all lovers of Hearthstone. Aside from free packs, there will be an event called The Hallow’s End, which will feature dual-class arena matches.

More about Dual-Class Arena Mode

The Hallow’s End event begins on October 24th at 11 AM PDT, and that is when this twisted mode will start. When you decide to start an Arena run, you will select your desired Hero and Hero Power. Once you get your deck of cards, it will feature neutral cards plus cards from BOTH of the chosen classes. And like that is not enough, all nine classic heroes will have unique costumes.

There is another extra addition that you can play between October 25th and October 28th. It’s called Hallow’s End Tavern Brawl, and your task is to stop the Headless Horseman who is looting the countryside. You will play in different costumes with decks consisting of cards from various classes and a unique Hero Power.

Free Packs and Arena Tickets on Hallow’s End

During the first week of the event, all players that log into Hearthstone will get Whispers of Old Gods pack of cards. The second week (starting October 31st) brings us Knights of the Frozen Throne pack and, as a bonus, you will get one free Arena ticket once a week, which makes a total of two tickets during the promotional period.

Blizzard also emphasized that they will interrupt all Arena runs when the event begins. However, players will be rewarded for the already achieved victories, and you will get an additional arena ticket, which means that you won’t lose anything.

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