Hearthstone Celebrates a Milestone of 100 Million Players – Free Cards for Everyone

Hearthstone Milestone Boomsday Project

Blizzard knows what they are doing when it comes to games and we have so many proofs to support their claim. Their Warcraft-themed card game Hearthstone has recently reached a big milestone – it now has 100 million players. This is an impressive achievement that truly shows the massive impact this release has made.

Hearthstone was launched in 2014, which means that it took four years for the milestone.

“We are thrilled for this achievement. Our team is exceptionally glad that Hearthstone has become so popular throughout the globe and that people from various parts of the world have accepted the game,” revealed J. Allen Brack, the president of Blizzard.

According to Brack, the studio is thrilled to see so many players coming together to play and be a part of the gaming community. Hearthstone can be played for free on PC and mobile phones. We do not know which platform is the most popular since Blizzard failed to provide that data.

Despite the game itself is free, there are many in-app purchases that are raking a huge revenue for the studio. Although we do not have in-depth statistics, it may not take long until we discover more information on the topic since November 8 is the date when Blizzard should release an earnings report.

Free Card Packs for Everyone

In the meantime, they have decided to thank the players for having faith in Hearthstone. In honour of the milestone, the players will receive a total of six free card packs from the Boomsday Project, the latest expansion added to the game. Everything you have to do is to log in between November 8th and November 11th. During that period, you will also have the opportunity to play a new quest. Its name will be “Celebrate the Players” and the main prize will be 500 gold.

More good news has come for the fans of Hearthstone from this year’s BlizzCon. In less than a month, the fans can expect a whole new add-on for the game. It will be called Rastakhan’s Rumble and a smart guess would be that it will rely heavily on trolls. The release is scheduled for December 4, 2018.

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