Hasbro and Epic Games Partner to Bring Us Monopoly: Fortnite

Hasbro has been dominating the world industry of board games for decades. On the other hand, Epic Games had huge success with Fortnite, which has been one of the favorite PC players’ games this year. When you put things like this, it doesn’t come as strange that Epic signed a partnership deal that allows Hasbro to launch a new Monopoly game that will have the Fortnite theme.

Although we still do not know the details, the deal seems to be confirmed and things won’t stop at Monopoly since we can also expect Fortnite NERF blasters. These accessories will allow the players to move the action from behind the screen to the real-life settings. We can probably expect other additions apart from blasters that will serve to emulate the experience of playing Fortnite.

When it comes to Monopoly: Fortnite, we can expect the classic property dealing and trading game with a battle building twist.

Why Did They Choose Fortnite?

“In a short time, Fortnite has been established as the leading gaming brand with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. We already have requests of people that want to purchase the NERF blasters so that they could resemble Fortnite fights in real life. We signed a deal with Epic in an effort to make something like that possible. Our goal is to allow the fans around the world the opportunity to experience Battle Royale in a completely fresh way. The lovers of action and adventure will get the opportunity to play with NERF blasters. On the other hand, those who prefer playing strategy games with their friends will love Monopoly: Fortnite,” said the President of Hasbro brands, Jonathan Berkowitz.

It is expected for the Monopoly: Fortnite to hit the shelves of the stores across the United Kingdom and the United States during fall 2018. As for the rest of the world, they can expect the game to be available on their markets in 2019.

This is not the first time that Hasbro is partnering with another franchise when it comes to Monopoly games. We already had the opportunity to play Monopoly: Game of Thrones.

“People expect us to bring these iconic cultural phenomena to life. We are proud of partnering with them and the fact that Fortnite will be the next represented brand,” said Mark Rein, co-founder of Epic Games.

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