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Halo Infinite First Free Event, “Fracture: Tenrai” Is Coming Next Week. 3 New Free Events Announced For Future Updates!

Halo Infinite First Free Event, "Fracture: Tenrai" Is Coming Next Week.

343 Industries is coming out the gate strong with a sneak peek of future events awaiting us in Halo Infinite

A new event is coming to Halo Infinite, Fracture: Tenrai, starting next Monday. @Halo Twitter gave the fans a heads-up. The 20th-anniversary event is closing out on Monday, November 22. Fracture Tenrai is supposedly scheduled to replace the current event during, or after Monday. The details on when or how the switch is going to take place are unclear at the moment.

What’s more, 343 Industries announced 3 brand new events coming to the game down the line. And one of the screenshots also details what content Fracture is bringing into the game. The information is aplenty so let us dig into the details!

Halo’s Fracture: Tenrai comes with its own battle pass, which includes 30 levels. Clearing all the levels unlocks the “Yoroi” armor core which seems to be the main reward. Then, you can unlock shoulder pads for the said core, coats for some weapons, and some Japan-themed stickers. The Tenrai pass also includes some kind of mouthpiece. Could this be a visor variant? Or maybe it represents a different helmet altogether.

Speaking of helmets, the poster Spartan for this event is wearing a different helmet than the one included with the Yoroi armor. This could suggest additional helmets for this armor core, which is very likely. Some players are wondering if there is any chance to see the iconic “Hayabusa” helmet from Halo 3 return. Since this event definitely has that samurai/ninja vibe, it’s not out of the question. But it’s very unlikely since 343 would need to strike a deal with Team Ninja for that to ever happen. This is more likely a replacement for the iconic armor and helmet set.

Halo Infinite - Beyond The Fracture Tenrai Event

Halo Infinite – Beyond The Fracture Tenrai Event

The new events teased by 343 are “Winter Contingency”, “Tactical Ops”, and “Cyber Showdown”. As shown via photos attached to their tweet.

Winter Contingency is likely to appear in the game first out of these events. Probably during the Christmas and holiday season. The image reveals it will feature new holiday-themed armor coating featuring teal, white and pink colors.

Cyber Showdown is featured next on the image, although when this event goes live is a mystery. It features futuristic neon visors and some kind of holographic spiky mohawk ornament for your helmet. Probably lots of coatings featuring those neon-y colors too.

And last but not least is Tactical Ops. Advertising itself only with a robotic-looking visor completely covered by metal, except for a tiny opening in the center. Which shines an ominous yellow light.

It was already confirmed by Brian Jarrard in a tweet that new game modes are coming with Fracture: Tenrai. But the rest remains a mystery. We’re all wondering, will we get snowball fights with Winter Contingency? Will new game modes come with every event? Will events and game updates be split into different types of content, or will they be merged together?

For anyone worrying about missing out, fret not! 343 confirmed that events will loop around at certain points in the year. So if you miss out on the badass samurai armor next week, you still have a chance to snatch it later.

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