Supergiant’s Hades Looks Great Despite Still Being in Early Access

Hades Game

Hades is the upcoming game developed by Supergiant. It was officially announced during the Game Awards 2018, which is when it entered the Early Access phase. The title is set in the pit of the Underworld managed by the god Hades.

Your objective in this rogue-lite game is pretty simple – find your way out to Olympus and join other gods. You would think that this task is easy until you start, but remember – you are facing the god of the Underworld.

A Quick Glance at the Gameplay

We tried this game and played as Hades’ son Zagreus. You should choose a weapon before the start of every run. The perspective is top-down and your goal is to find your way to the exit while passing all sorts of enemies. You have spears, bows, shields, and swords at your disposal, which suggests a wide variety of weapons for killing enemies.

You will occasionally encounter a heart that boosts your health, but these were quite rare when we played Hades. You can also find purple teardrops, which are a sort of currency you later use for upgrades.

Hades Gameplay

The main task is, however, to look for hammers, tridents, lighting bolts, and other things that enable you to communicate with Athena and Poseidon, which are your uncles. They will actually offer you certain abilities that can help you during your quests.

Of Course, There are Special Powers and Bosses

You have various superpowers at your disposal and these actually significantly affect the playing experience. This also adds to the replay value of the game and makes it easier (or more manageable) to fight the enemies. It can perfectly suit your current playing style, but you may also need to adjust it to make the most of the new abilities you just earned.

Once you are done exploring the dungeon, you prepare yourself to fight a boss. They are the toughest opponents and their selection is also in accordance with Greek mythology. All characters are well-written and have a unique personality. The humour is all over the place, which provides a great method to relieve the stress when you are annoyed by the lack of progress (too much dying) in the game.

Overall. Hades has a lot of depth, especially for a game that is still in early access, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t try it right away. For more information on the game, visit the official website.

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