H1Z1 Update Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges Now a Part of H1Z1 After the Last Update

H1Z1: King of the Kill used to be the full name of the Daybreak Games’ shooter, but after taking the advice given by the community, they shortened it and kept only the H1Z1. That isn’t the only thing that the developers adjusted as the latest November update also brings many other changes. According to the official announcement, we got two new features, as well as a bunch of minor fixes that tweak the in-game balance.

Combat Zone

The authors suggest looking at this mode as an opportunity to practice your skills and figure out gameplay mechanics. A maximum number of gamers that can participate in a single session is 55, and each match lasts 60 minutes. During that time, you will be playing on a small map where you will spawn in fully equipped and ready for combat. There will be no parachuting and your character will re-spawn immediately after dying.

Daily Challenges

H1Z1 will also feature time-sensitive events that come in the form of daily challenges. You will get three of them every day, and they will differ in difficulty. Based on how hard the tasks are, you will be rewarded with an appropriate amount of Skulls. For example, a set of objectives to complete in a day may include:

  • Placing in top 75 in a Solos session
  • Destroying ten other players’ helmets
  • Killing an opponent with a single shot from the hunting rifle

The good news is that you don’t have to achieve all these objectives in one match. And if you see that a particular task is too hard, you can discard it and wait for the new one.

The Daily Challenge feature led to the removal of the Bounty System and some changes were made to the Skull Store. You can find out more about that on the official website.

Gameplay Changes

Daybreak Games implemented dozens of changes related to combat and gameplay, match pacing and other areas. We like the fact that they improved the visuals of The Arena, which now looks lighter and more colorful. Some other features that we singled out include:

  • You don’t have to wait for a vehicle to stop to enter, but you can now get in while it is moving slowly
  • It only takes 45 seconds to reveal the first safe zone now (previously 2 minutes)
  • Tweaked the damage and spawned rate for specific weapons
  • Reduced bullet drop for rifles and pistols

The only thing that the developers didn’t mention is when H1Z1 will leave early access, but with this many updates, we can expect it to happen soon.

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