Gwent Homecoming and Thronebreaker

Thronebreaker and Gwent: Homecoming Officially Launched for PC

The last 24 hours have been truly exciting for the fans of The Witcher franchise since they got no less than two new additions to the series. The first one is Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales while the second is a Homecoming update to the popular card game Gwent.

Gwent: Homecoming Officially Launches the Full Version of the Game

It has been more than a year since the appearance of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on the market. During that time, it managed to gather thousands of fans that play the game regularly and even became popular as an eSport. You might have not known this, but the game was in its beta phase up until yesterday!

You’ve read that right – it is the Homecoming update just released that marked the launch of the full version of Gwent. However, PC players are the only one that can play the update right away while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to be patient until December 4th.

In short, Gwent is a game where you participate in action-packed duels in which the goal is to win by assembling the right deck and making smart decisions quickly.

When it comes to Homecoming, it is a huge overhaul to the game of Gwent we all know. For starters, you now have four rows instead of six and the progression system has also been changed. The developers wanted to speed up the process of leveling up. Aside from that, they decreased the level cap to 60, although it was 100 in the beta version. The new addition is the prestige rating that players unlock after reaching maximum level. It is a sort of an advanced leveling system that can deliver some permanent bonuses for the gamers.

The first thing you will notice, however, is the visual change that Gwent has gone through. It might take a bit to get used to them, but it is apparent that the graphics look far better now and you can easily access various options. A neat addition is also the ability to show off a total of three achievements on your profile.

Those that log into Gwent: Homecoming in the coming days will have a chance to purchase a special pack that celebrates the launching of the game. In this pack, you will receive 120 cards spread across 24 kegs, as well as pick one of the three legendary cards offered. The additional stuff that rounds up the pack includes 500 meteorite powder and 5 tickets for the arena. The maximum number of times you can buy the pack is five times.

Now, if you still haven’t played Gwent or you want to get adjusted to new rules, you might need to check out the new video where the developers explain the game.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is an RPG Spin-Off of Gwent

It may be interesting to mention that Thronebreaker was first imagined to be implemented as a single-player mode in Gwent. However, once the developers realized the scope of the project, they decided to turn it into a standalone release, so you could say that this is n RPG spin-off of our favorite card game.

Thronebreaker is set in the world of The Witcher. The game is solely single-player and mixes three different elements. The first one is exploration based on narrative while the other two are mechanics of card fights and intriguing puzzles. The main protagonist is Meve who you might know as the queen and the war veteran of Rivia and Lyria, two Northern Realms presented in the game.

Granted, this game was made for the fans of the franchise and you need to be familiar with the lore to truly enjoy it. That doesn’t mean those who played The Witcher before would hate the game. On the contrary, the story is told so well that you are guaranteed to be delighted with it. After all, we are talking about CD Projekt Red, which is known for vivid storylines.

The graphics are nothing short of beautiful and you will enjoy every moment of your campaign. The card mechanics are also implemented well and contribute to the overall gaming experience. The game features five maps in total plus another one that is a sort of an epilogue. The entire story will take approximately 30-40 hours, which means there is plenty of fun for those that love the fantasy RPG genre.

Just like with Homecoming, only PC owners can play Thronebreaker for now and console gamers will have to be patient until December.

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