Guns of Glory Review – A Strategy Game With an Intriguing Story

Guns of Glory

The release of Guns of Glory was followed by a controversy. Diandian Interactive actually used in-game footage from Total War and Age of Empires, which was noticed by the internet community. It has been a while since then and GOG has managed to gather a fairly loyal base of followers. Let’s take a look at what the fuss is all about and whether this strategy is worth your time.

The King Is Dead and They Framed You!

Guns of Glory is yet another multiplayer real-time strategy for mobile phones. It is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free, but it is only natural to expect in-game purchases because even the developers need to eat something. As far as we are concerned, they secured their meals with an intriguing story.

The situation is chaotic in your kingdom since the King was murdered and now the evil Cardinal has assumed the role of the ruler. An even bigger problem is that you are playing as a musketeer who was set up for killing the king. You somehow manage to evade getting hanged and escape. The only thing you can think of is revenge and how to revenge the King and clear your name.

Build, Wait, and Repeat

The developers made sure to include a tutorial to explain to players how the gameplay works. The first several tasks will actually serve to learn the mechanics of the game. If you ever played a strategy game like this, there is not much to explain – you will need to build something, wait for the timers to expire to complete the construction and repeat the process to upgrade those structures. If you’re looking for a way to skip the annoying timers, then you should check out this Guns of Glory hack.

Guns of Glory Gameplay

Aside from erecting different buildings, you will also have an army at your disposal. Your task will be to train the units and get them ready for battles. If you notice real-life or computer-controlled players near your estate you can attack them. Researching new technologies may also help you to have better chances during battles.

The Battles Look Beautiful

The problem with the combat is that you do not get to participate yourself. Yes, you will get to pick the units to send and the desired targets, but you will observe the combat on the screen with no way to influence it. You can only hope that the battle animation that lasts for several seconds will result in a favorable outcome. As you might assume statistics and a bit of randomness are the deciding factors whether you will win or lose.

Guns of Glory Gameplay 2

Guns of Glory offers beautiful visual and sound effects. Even the battle looks spectacular and beautiful, which makes it all the sadder that you cannot participate. You do have a chance to play the role of a politician and form alliances with other players. The only real downside of the game is that some timers just take too long, which tends to get boring.

Final Note

Guns of Glory manages to deliver a unique theme, but at its core, it remains the same old mobile real-time strategy concept we are used to. If you are a fan of the genre, you will probably like the game, but you should expect anything innovative from it.

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