GTA V Cheat Developers Got Their Assets Frozen by Rockstar!

GTA V Cheat Developers

You may have thought that cheating in games has been unethical, but it seems it has become unlawful, too, at least if it is according to the news revealed by BBC a couple of days ago. Believe it or not, Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, managed to acquire a search and seizure order from the Federal Court of Australia against several persons who are allegedly using the “Infamous” software for cheating in Grand Theft Auto 5.

In fact, there was a number of lawsuits filed against makers of cheats and even cheaters due to copyright infringements. It seems that the studios particularly aim to deal with cheat developers. The lawsuits were filed both in the United States and Australia.

In fact, the one that raised controversy happened on the Australian soil and it got the attention of the gaming industry because the national court of that country approved certain actions against the accused parties. They are, according to the restraint, banned from doing anything related to cheating in the future, but their assets and premises will be searched and their assets may be frozen. In case that they refuse to comply, these people may be even put in prison.

When it comes to the search warrant, it was given for two properties in Melbourne. The party that conducts the searching will try to identify, remove, or copy any evidence they may found that is related to the case, such as PCs, devices used for storage, and even paper files. In short, anything that has something to do with the “Infamous” software may be confiscated. Even the cars found on these properties may be subject to search.

The orders that freeze the assets implies that those accused cannot take out any more cash than they required for standard daily expenses of life. They are also not allowed to leave Australia.

It might be interesting that the freezing order also applies to the PayPal account and any cryptocurrency they may have in their ownership. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that Take-Two and Rockstar will aim to take that money once the verdict for copyright infringement becomes official.

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