Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Release Date

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Gets an Official Release Date

Crate Entertainment did an excellent job with their Grim Dawn action RPG that was initially released in 2016. The developers released a couple of expansions so far, including Ashes of Malmouth, Crucible Mode DLC, and a special pack for Steam loyalists. However, we have been waiting on their newest expansion Forgotten Gods for a while now.

The creators finally confirmed that they have an official release date for the new DLC to Grim Dawn. As PC Gamer reveals, the add-on will become available on March 27, 2019, and it will be priced at $15.99

The expansion is a massive one, and the crucial addition is an entirely fresh chapter to the story. You will be travelling outside the Erulan Empire since the Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods will take place in a desert. A forgotten god appeared there, and your assignment is to fight next to the cults of the Witch God to vanquish him.

A Lot of New Things in Store

Players can also expect an entirely new mode named Shattered Realm. It will give you an opportunity to discover new gear and earn rewards. When it comes to new features, you can expect teleport and other mobility skills and a class mastery, as well as nine constellations and four new factions.

In case you still haven’t given a shot to this amazing action RPG, you have more than two weeks to try the original before the expansion releases. You can purchase Grim Dawn for $24.99 on its official Steam page or go with the bundle option to get all expansions along with the original for $33.47. If you are a fan of Diablo and similar games, the chances are that you will like this title.

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