Golf Battle Review: A Golf Game with a Fun Twist

Golf Battle Review

If you ask me, only casual games should be developed for mobile phones. It is just the type of device for this sort of games – grab it whenever you want, play for a couple of minutes (or hours) and have fun without too much thinking involved.

Golf Battle is one of those games – it is simple to learn, but it has a huge replay value and addictiveness level. Although it is sports-themed, it is perfectly suitable for everyone that is looking for quick fun. The game was released by Miniclip, the famous distributor of Flash games, and it is available for free on Android and iOS.

Don’t Waste Time and Start Playing Golf

As soon as you start Golf Battle, it puts you immediately in the middle of the action. In fact, you only have one shot to test how everything works. The idea is quite simple, move left and right to adjust the camera and pull behind the ball to set the desired power. The basic goal in the game is to get the ball in the hole – so, just like the real golf.

Golf Battle Gameplay 1

It surprised me when I automatically joined a Rush game after the tutorial shot. The quick instructions told me that I should get the ball in as soon as possible, so time was of the essence and not the number of tries. I had to think quickly and I loved that. In fact, the game constantly forces you to act swiftly as every second is important.

Either way, once the match was ended (I was third out of six opponents), the game took me to the main menu, so I had a bit more time to explore the options.

What Do You Prefer – Classic or Rush?

Golf Battle has two main game modes – Classic and Rush. I already mentioned that Rush is about how quickly you can get the ball in the hole. The game counts seconds (and milliseconds) and sometimes the difference between players is truly minimal.

Unlike that, the Classic mode is just a bit more strategic. Here, you need to get the ball in the hole while using as few tries as possible. We said that there is no time for thinking, so if other players manage to get the ball in before you, there are exactly ten seconds before you are timed out. As you may expect, it is not good to be timed out as it automatically means the last place.

As for similarities, both modes have six players and three courses to play in each session. Same courses are featured in both variants, but the game dynamically changes them in every match to keep things fun. There are also numerous different course themes, such as Pine Forest, Rocky Mountains, Snowy Valley, etc. However, only the first one is available at the beginning and you need to level up to unlock additional courses.

What to Do When You Are Not on the Course?

Coins are the primary currency in Golf Battle. You need to invest some of them to participate in a session (the amount depends on a theme), but the prize in case of winning is double or more. Aside from coins, each victory gains you a reward chest. However, before you can open a chest, you need to unlock it and that takes either waiting several hours or utilizing gems, the game’s premium currency. The trick is that there are four chest slots and you can only unlock one at a time, which severely limits the number of prizes you can win.

Golf Battle Gameplay 2

As for the types of rewards in the chests, you can expect coins, gems, but also cards to unlock new or upgrade existing clubs and balls. Clubs are particularly important as they come with different statistics in terms of power, accuracy, and guideline. Furthermore, there are separate clubs for various types of terrains. When it comes to balls, they seem to be only aesthetic additions, but there is a wide range of them to choose from.

Final Note

Golf Battle is an amazing and highly-addictive game by the manufacturer who knows how to create casual releases. The game appeals to an audience of all ages as it is simple to learn, but it can still provide plenty of fun. The graphics are cartoonish and look attractive and the sound fits nicely.

If you played similar games, you will probably be annoyed on multiple occasions how a tiny mistake can affect the rest of the match and that is precisely what will motivate you to play another session…and another…and another. Golf Battle is extremely addictive and, although the game comes with the familiar freemium flaws, it is definitely one of the gems of casual gaming.

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