Godhood Gameplay Trailer

Godhood, the New Deity Simulation by Abbey Games, Gets First Gameplay Trailer

We always like when we encounter creative indie games that have a certain level of complexity and a unique theme. These studios may not reach the budget of the top ones in the industry, but they are far ahead when it comes to having a soul and being attractive for players worldwide. It is the effort that matters and we like to award it with our gaming time (and a few dollars).

Have you played Reus? It is a god game and a debut release by Abbey Games, a Netherlands-based studio in business since 2012. In the meantime, they also created Renowned Explorers, but it is Reus that made them famous.

In July, they had an important announcement. They revealed plans for another deity simulation called Godhood. It took several months, but we are now getting news that the game is progressing nicely. In fact, they published the first gameplay footage. Check it out below:

At first glance, Godhood will feature the same type of graphics as Reus. Cartoonish and vivid style does not imply this will be a casual game. On the contrary, it will be a mixture of strategy and simulation. Take a close look at the video and notice the communities minding their own business and being dedicated to various activities.

A Different Approach to Battles

Godhood will have an intriguing battle system. It has been described as ritualistic and called Sacraments. It will be up to disciples to prove their dedication by using persuasion, awe, or force. This will subsequently decide which of the rival gods will turn out as a winner.

If you ever dreamed about creating your own religion, this game gives you that chance. An intriguing twist is that you get to pick what is considered as vice and virtue and experiment with various dogmas. As a deity, there is a certain level of power at your disposal, but you cannot just trump free will. The fact that the followers can decide for themselves will definitely spice things up.

The basic funding is already prepared for Godhood, but the company may use Kickstarter to collect funds to make DLC. The release date is expected to be somewhere during 2019, but in the meantime, you can find out more about the game on its official website.

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