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God of War Ragnarok Gameplay Reveal – Top Tyr Content


Sony showed off some God of War Ragnarok Gameplay during their PlayStation Showcase, and it looks fantastic

The God of War Ragnarok reveal trailer opens with Kratos and Atreus preparing for something in a cavern. It doesn’t take much to notice the state of Midgard. The outside of this cavern is being swallowed by never-ending snow. A prelude of sorts to the titular Ragnarok – a war that will end all life as we know it. The trailer focuses on the big conflict of this part of the saga. Kratos has to choose between protecting his family and protecting everything else. As he of all people can do a lot in the coming conflict.

When Atreus suggests Kratos should “stop thinking like a father and start thinking like a general”, Kratos absolutely loses his temper. The man is carrying an ungodly amount of trauma, and it shows. Some of that was already explored in the last game when repressed memories of killing Zeus surfaced. But this scenario is something completely different. How will Kratos cope with a realm being destroyed around him yet again, and what he will do in the face of this crisis? Freya is also there in the midst of all that, hungry for revenge.

Here is the trailer for anyone who missed it!

Besides the narrative that is sure to be amazing, we had a sneak peek at some of the new gameplay elements. The first one being dog sledding. And listen here, Santa Monica Studios, the wolf boys better be pettable. We also have some action straight out of Monster Hunter, with a big salamander thing overpowering Kratos. Seems like a very nimble and fast enemy who will lunge at us from afar. Right after that, a centaur grapples Kratos towards him. Only for the god of war to beat the devil out of its deer/horse part. Which surely will make me uncomfortable when playing the game. And then Atreus shows off a badass summon that tramples enemies while he is firing arrows into them.

The trailer ends with pure hype fuel. That being Kratos freeing Tyr and asking for his assistance. Tyr is a god of war from nordic mythology, and I don’t feel I need to explain why that makes me excited for this team-up. Some keen-eyed viewers noticed that wolves pulling the sled might be a reference to Skoll and Hati. Wolves chasing the sun and moon said to crash down with the sky during Ragnarok. This is just pure speculation but one of them being jet-black while the other having white fur could point to just that.

God of War Ragnarok releases in 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.