God of War 4 – story, camera angle, combat & release date

If you were a proud PlayStation owner in the last ten years or so, you probably had a chance to try games from the God of War franchise. In case you didn’t, it’s a mixture of action and adventure from the third-person perspective, in which you control the former god of war Kratos. The game had three successful sequels, and the beginning of 2018 will see the next game in the series for PlayStation 4. However, it won’t be a classic sequel, so it’s not God of War 4. Also, you can’t say that it is a reboot because it isn’t just a remastered version of the original game.

It’s a Whole New Perspective to the Story

The idea is to offer an entirely new perspective to the story. The story will follow the same one from the previous installments with one significant change – Kratos became a daddy of a son called Atreus. Because he is now a parent, our main protagonist won’t reach for violence (that much). So, we can safely say that we can expect Kratos with some boundaries and restraints, which will be interesting to see.

That goes in line with what Corey Barlog, the creative director of Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, written on PlayStation blog. He revealed that they were looking to offer a different and more memorable experience. The idea is to provide a total overhaul to the franchise and reinvent the gameplay. We will go deep into the emotional part of the Kratos’ story. Our favorite immortal demigod makes a firm decision to change himself, but that can’t go without a big amount of drama.

Yes, being a daddy changes you. The emphasis of the game is on Atreus, and he will be on your side for most of the game. In fact, you will have a special button on your joystick you will use to communicate with your son. The trailer starts with a scene where Kratos and Atreus go hunting together, which is a nice touch that illustrates his desire to change.

It’s a Whole New Perspective to the Camera

Another thing that the gameplay trailer revealed is that the camera angle changed. God of War will remain the third-person action adventure. However, you can notice that the camera is now closer to Kratos’ shoulders instead of the cinematic wide angle used in previous games. The idea behind this is to make more use of the environment. There is no reason why the developers shouldn’t use the capabilities of PS 4 and why you wouldn’t enjoy the beautiful locations across the game. You will notice cool things like ice glistening below your feet or the snow that covered the forest floor. The graphics will make the most use of the 4K resolution, so we can expect that the game will look nothing less than fantastic.

Kratos Is in the Norse Mythology Now

Yes, you read it right. Kratos is now a part of the Norse mythology. However, that doesn’t mean that he will be put in “the Viking era.”

“Different mythological belief systems coexisted, and geography was the only thing separating them. When you say Norse, you mean Viking, but you forget about the migration and the pre-migration era. Norse gods all walked the Earth once, long before the Vikings appeared. That’s where we are – at a prehistory point, the place in history where monsters were not extinct and where Gods walked the Earth.”

So, we didn’t get a proper explanation on how Kratos found himself in the Norse mythology (expect that maybe he took a trip to Norway), but we know that it’s the Kratos we know and like. Except he tries to change his ways and he is aware that the rage caused him all misfortunes in the past.

As for Atreus, in Greek mythology, he is the grandson of Zeus and the son of Pelops. Later on, he murders his brother and gets banished to become the King of Mycenae, but it seems that the God of War plot doesn’t go that far. Then again, the entire GOW franchise only followed the mythology lore only when they managed to implement in in the game.

The point is that you shouldn’t expect a story that will follow the one from the mythology in detail. Instead, it will be a mash up of things the authors collected along the way that seemed cool enough to become a part of the God of War lore.

Does the Combat Remind of Dark Souls?

The fans of the genre noticed that the combat system resembles the one used in Dark Souls. That wouldn’t be the first (or the last) time that another game tries to use the good things from the DS franchise. Judging from what we can see in the trailer Kratos now prefers to use an axe than the Blades of Athena he had in previous installments. You can throw the axe towards an opponent and then recall it to come back to your hands. Aside from that, you can use your fists to fight rivals, and there is some magic, too, so the combat system will come with a twist or two involved. The Spartan Rage is still present despite the fact that Kratos is trying to restrain it, and Atreus can help you by firing arrows at enemies when you need fire support. As for the enemies, we noticed trolls and dragons, which are only a small portion of enemies our demigod and his son will fight in the game.

When Is the Release Date of the God of War?

We can expect God of War for PlayStation 4 to appear very early in 2018. Although we don’t have an official confirmation yet, a German retailer store accidentally revealed that the collector’s edition would be out March 31, 2018. After the E3 conference, Sony released the pre-order page where you can buy the game and also get the pre-order bonuses.

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