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Genshin Impact Developer MiHoYo Is Facing Major Backlash From Longtime Players


MiHoYo unveiled some community rewards for the upcoming anniversary of the game. Let's just say that fans weren't excited about this "celebration"

The official Genshin Impact website posted a preview of community events coming to the game for its one-year anniversary. Two of those mentioned are what’s called a “web event”. It’s a type of activity that you do outside of the game, in your web browser. Those are some mini-games that net you easy rewards. At least that’s what they used to be it seems, because they devolved into gambling. In a move that left the player base dumbstruck and confused, one of the events is a raffle.

“A message in time” web event offers only two rewards: either a Blessing of the Welkin Moon or 100,000 mora. The former is a daily bonus that lasts 30 days and gives you extra premium currency on daily logins. It is available in the in-game shop for 5$. The latter is chump-change which you can acquire in 15 minutes of farming. And the kicker is, 90% of players will be chosen to get the mora, while 10% get the blessing. This is outrageously bad for rewards that should celebrate the one-year anniversary of this game. And not any game, Genshin Impact generated almost two billion dollars since release, from mobile sales alone. Players often call MiHoYo one of the stingiest developers out there due to situations like these.

Things can’t be this bad for Genshin Impact players, right? Wrong.

So what about the other events? “Unforgettable Journey” seems kinda nice actually. It has standard, guaranteed rewards such as primogems (premium in-game currency) and materials for leveling up your characters. Then, we have an event centered around solving word puzzles, which offers… 100 primogems to 1,000 winners. To put this into perspective, you get 60 primogems for clearing daily missions that take about 10-15 minutes. MiHoYo seems to think that giving players currency equal to clearing out daily missions for two days is enough to thank them for 2 billion dollars in mobile revenue.

And then the other 3 events center around art. There is an event for best cosplay, best screenshots, and best artwork. Those feature rewards such as an iPhone 13 Pro, or AirPods for select winners. Many artists in the community are beyond outraged at that. MiHoYo has done these events all year round because they spread thousands of artworks around the internet. So much free advertising and only a handful of these artists get an iPhone. How about you reward your loyal artists with something guaranteed for the anniversary? And not another contest that benefits you most.

But this isn’t it, right?

Well, yeah. Those are “community” events. They take place outside of the game. In around six days, the game will feature an event to reward all those who supported Genshin Impact. But MiHoYo doesn’t want to reveal what that is, and players are getting anxious. Community rewards are a disaster, who’s to tell that the in-game stuff won’t be? And the developer is adamant about not communicating. The situation has gotten to the point where players are flooding the Genshin Impact official Twitter with memes, and pleas for better anniversary rewards. The official Reddit is posting angry comment after angry comment from fans who were there since the beta.

MiHoYo could still come out with the greatest anniversary event in the history of video games. But the community won’t forget how stingy they have been. Not to mention how they don’t bother to inform their players about upcoming events. This is after all the company that abandoned updating their roadmap. Because it allowed players who don’t spend money to plan ahead instead of panicking and spending on instinct. “Supposedly”, of course.