Playing Games on Any Device Is a Realistic Future for the Industry

Future of Gaming

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, spoke about various interesting topics. One of those was that he expects to the video gaming industry to get closer to movies, TV, and music and not be dependent on a particular hardware piece.

“We are all gearing up for the future. You can already see that games are spreading across different devices, platforms, and geographies. Streaming and cloud are two technologies that can speed up the progress,” said Wilson and added that it is quite possible to have video game content that will go everywhere with you.

At this moment, EA does have a subscription-based service Origin and Wilson revealed some interesting statistics.

“Subscribers not only give a chance to more titles, but they also play games for a longer amount of time. As a result, they invest more money, which is a positive thing for us. However, it will become a challenge to convince people to become a part of a subscription service. That is why we need to work relentlessly on the type of content we provide.”

The Netflix of Gaming

Wilson compared the current situation to Netflix and wondered which company will become the premiere Netflix of the gaming industry. We already received news about Project Atlas, the streaming service EA is working on.

Other industry professionals agree with Wilson. Pete Hines from Bethesda emphasized that it would be possible to play games on any platform in the future.

“It will be up to you to choose the machine of your preference, but it will become insignificant which one you pick in terms of options and performance. Cross-platform is a future,” said Hines.

The gaming community, especially players, agree that it is time for the closed systems to disappear. However, this probably doesn’t mean the disappearance of platform exclusives, such as Halo or God of War. It is only a logical thing to expect since every company wants to sell as much of its devices as possible, and exclusives are a smart way to entice players to buy their products.

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